Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter November 2019

Subject: Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter November 2019

William McMullan, KE5L
Joan Haro, WA5WGA

NEW HAMS: As reported to the ARRL
Report for 2019-11-05
Addison J Bute, KI5GTI
Kade P Fontenot, KI5GZP
Clarence E Ferguson, KI5GSN
Ryan J Baiad, KI5GZO
Robert Gray, KI5GYO
Alicia R Roberts, KI5GZN
Jonathan C Sagona, KI5GYR
Asa W Judd, KI5GYQ
Steven W Chisam, KI5GYN
Elliot E Allen, KI5GYM
Michael E Schaumburg, KI5GYS
Joseph A Wambach, KI5GRA

LICENSE UPGRADES: As reported to the ARRL
Report for 2019-11-05
Michael O Jackson, KI5GGP
Grantham P Frederick, KI5GBD
Maurice A Hawley, KG5VRR
Neal A Jaber, KG5LWP

New/Renewed ARRL Members:  As reported to the ARRL
Report for 2019-11-05
William E Burke, W5XNO
Frank P Boimare, KI5FUH
Thomas J Wimprine, KB5LBV
Larry D Wilson, KC5OOX
Robert Struppeck, AF6UK
Jacob A Coreil, KG5UEK
William A Hoover, AG5LR
Robert G Bishop, N5JMB
Jimmy L Miller, N0MSW
Randy LeJeune
David M Armstrong, WB5VDG
David L Armstrong, AA5HY
Jerry W Dukes, KI5GLY
Glynn A Davis, KD5SII
Stephen L Cook, KB0TWL

Hiram Percy Maxim Birthday Celebration Results and Certificates Now
Results and certificates from the Hiram Percy Maxim (HPM) Birthday
Celebration August 31 – September 8 are now available. The 9-day
operating event commemorated the 150th anniversary of the birth of ARRL
cofounder and first president Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW. Amateurs from 57
ARRL/RAC sections and four countries submitted more than 25,000 contacts
over the course of the event. Results of the event and downloadable
certificates are on the ARRL Contests Page.
A special HPM 150 QSL card is available for stations that worked
W1AW/150 during the event. To receive a card, send your QSL with an SASE
to W1AW, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111. 

W1AW to Commemorate 98th Anniversary of First Amateur Radio Signals to
Span the Atlantic
December 11 marks the 98th anniversary of the success of ARRL’s
Transatlantic Tests in 1921, organized to see if low-power amateur radio
stations could be heard across the Atlantic using shortwave frequencies
(i.e., above 200 meters). On that day, a message transmitted by a group
of Radio Club of America members at 1BCG in Greenwich, Connecticut, was
copied by Paul Godley, 2ZE, in Scotland.
While the first two-way contact would not take place until 1923, the
1921 transatlantic success marked the beginning of what would become
routine communication between US radio amateurs and those in other parts
of the world — literally the birth of DX.
To commemorate this amateur radio milestone, Maxim Memorial Station W1AW
will be on the air through the day on December 11 with volunteer
operators. The goal is to encourage contacts between radio amateurs in
the US and Europe while showcasing the significance of the transmissions
that pioneered global communication and laid the groundwork for
technology widely used today. The event will run from 1300 until 0000
UTC. Some details are still being worked out, but operation will focus
on 40 and 20 meters (SSB).
Contact Clark Burgard, N1BCG, for more information. 

Dayton Hamvention® Invites 2020 Award Nominations
Dayton Hamvention® is inviting nominations for its 2020 awards.
Nominations are due by February 15, 2020. Awards will be granted for
Amateur of the Year, Club of the Year, Technical Achievement, and
Special Achievement.
The Amateur of the Year Award is given to a radio amateur who has made a
long-term commitment to the advancement of amateur radio. This
individual will have a history of ham radio contributions and
demonstrated dedication to service, professionalism, and the advancement
of the avocation of amateur radio.
The Club of the Year will be honored for clearly demonstrating its
involvement in varied aspects of amateur radio for the greater good of
their community and/or nation.
The Technical Achievement Award recognizes a radio amateur who has
achieved technical excellence in the world of amateur radio. Examples
are inventions, processes, discoveries, experiments, and other technical
accomplishments or achievements that contributed to amateur radio.
The Special Achievement Award recognizes a radio amateur who has made an
outstanding contribution to the advancement of the radio art and/or
science. This award is usually given to a respected amateur who
spearheaded a single significant project.
Nomination forms are specific to the award. At a minimum, each form
should be completed with the information indicated. Provide contact
information for the person making the nomination. Submit forms via email
or via USPS to Hamvention, Attention: Awards Committee, Box 964, Dayton,
Ohio 45401-0964.
The Awards Committee will make its selections and announce the
recipients along with details on their accomplishments. An honors
convocation and award presentation will be held on the Saturday evening
of Hamvention. Award presentations will also take place at Hamvention on
Sunday afternoon, prior to the prize award activity.
For more information, contact the Dayton Hamvention Awards Committee.

Youth on the Air Camp Coming to the Americas
The Electronic Applications Radio Service has announced that the first
Youth On The Air (YOTA) camp in the United States will be taking place
next June. Sponsors hope the camp will become an annual event.
The inaugural summer camp will take place June 21 – 26 at the National
Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in West Chester Township, Ohio.
The West Chester Amateur Radio Association (WC8VOA) will host the event.
Operating the camp will be Electronic Applications Radio Service, Inc.
(EARS), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to wireless
technologies and activities.
According to the announcement, the camp will focus on building peer and
mentor relationships and taking amateur radio “to the next level.”
Campers will attend workshops and activities in multiple STEM-related
subjects, such as radio contesting, electronic kit building, D-Star,
APRS, satellite communication, antenna building, and radio direction
finding and orienteering. A high-altitude balloon launch is also being
planned. Campers will learn and exercise on-the-air skills at special
event station W8Y.
Contributors include Icom America, Heil Sound Ltd., X-Tronic, and R&L
Electronics. Major financial supporters so far include the ARRL
Foundation, the Yasme Foundation, the World Wide Radio Operators
Foundation, Orlando HamCation and Orlando Amateur Radio Club, the
Northern California DX Foundation, Dayton Hamvention and the Dayton
Amateur Radio Association, the Huntsville Hamfest, Southwest Ohio DX
Association, Radio Amateurs of Canada, and Gary West, K8DEV, and Dee Dee
West, KA8DXE.
For more information, email Camp Director Neil Rapp, WB9VPG, or call
(812) 327-0749.

More than 1 Million Contacts Logged during ARRL Field Day 2019
ARRL Contest Program Manager Paul Bourque, N1SFE, reports that nearly
1.1 million contacts were made during the 2019 ARRL Field Day — the
most popular operating event in North America. Bourque reported the 2019
ARRL Field Day results, which are available starting on page 64 of the
digital edition of the December 2019 issue of QST. Bourque says in his
article that more than 36,000 radio amateurs took part in ARRL Field Day
2019 across all 83 ARRL/Radio Amateurs of Canada sections, up slightly
from the 35,250 reported last year. The total number of contacts was
down by about 7% from 2018’s 1.18 million contacts.
“This year, 3,113 entries were received from local clubs and emergency
operations centers (EOCs), as well as individual portable, mobile, and
home stations,” Bourque wrote in QST. Most entries were in Class A
club or non-club groups of three or more.
Of the nearly 1.1 million contacts, approximately 46% were made on
phone, and 456,000 (42%) of contacts were made on CW. The remaining
138,000+ (12%) of the contacts were made on digital modes, such as FT8
and RTTY.
“This is a substantial increase compared to 2018, when total QSOs on
the digital modes numbered just over 56,000,” Bourque reported.
“With the last 2018 release of WSJT-X (which now supports Field Day
exchanges), many participants made use of FT8’s ability to communicate
when band conditions weren’t being cooperative.”
Top 10 scores ranged between W3AO’s Class 14A entry from Maryland-DC,
with 32,356 points, to W1NVT’s 14,876-point Class 2A entry from
Bourque said that 95% of the 3,113 entries received came through the
Field Day web applet.
“Not only is ARRL Field Day an opportunity to sharpen operating skills
in temporary and portable locations, it’s also an occasion to showcase
amateur radio to the local community, with clubs often setting up in
publicly accessible locations and interacting with non-hams,” Bourque
Soapbox comments for Field Day 2019 are available on the ARRL website.
ARRL Field Day 2020 will take place June 27 – 28.

Nominations Invited for CWops Award for Advancing the Art of CW
CWops is now accepting nominations for its Award for Advancing the Art
of CW for 2020. The award recognizes individuals, groups, or
organizations that have made the greatest contribution(s) toward
advancing the art or practice of radio communication by Morse code.
Candidates for the award may be authors of publications related to CW;
CW recruiters, trainers, mentors, coaches, and instructors; public
advocates of CW; organizers of CW activities; designers and inventors
who advance the art or practice of CW, and other contributors to the art
or practice of CW. The award is not limited to radio amateurs or their
Email nominations with a copy to the CWops secretary. To be considered,
a nomination must be received by March 18, 2020. It should include
name(s) and call sign(s), if applicable, of nominee(s), and complete
contact information. A detailed explanation supporting the nomination
should be included along with the name, telephone number, email address,
and call sign of the person submitting the nomination. An award
presentation will take place at the 2020 Dayton Hamvention®.

Melissa Stemmer Joins ARRL Headquarters as Development Manager
Connecticut native Melissa Stemmer has joined the ARRL Headquarters
staff as Development Manager. Born and raised in Waterbury, Stemmer
earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of
Connecticut in 1998, and she worked in that field for more than 15
years. After deciding that a career change was in order, Stemmer went
back to school, earning a master’s in organizational leadership in
2015 from Quinnipiac University. 
“I am so excited to be on this journey at ARRL, and I am looking
forward to getting to know everyone,” Stemmer said 
Before coming to ARRL, she was the development director at Seven Angels
Theatre in Waterbury. In September 2015, Stemmer signed on as
coordinator of the theatre’s annual High School Halo Awards — the
largest high school theatre award program in Connecticut. 
During her tenure at Seven Angels Theatre, Stemmer was an active member
of the Waterbury Regional Chamber and the Waterbury Exchange Club. She
served on the executive committee and governing council of the Arts and
Culture Collaborative of the Waterbury Region and was a member of the
Young Professionals Task Force of the Waterbury Region.

ARRL Legislative Advocacy Committee Drafting New Bill Addressing Antenna
The ARRL Board of Directors Legislative Advocacy Committee is in the
process of drafting a new bill to address the issue of private land-use
restrictions on amateur radio antennas. The proposed legislation would
be the successor to the Amateur Radio Parity Act. The Legislative
Advocacy Committee, chaired by Pacific Division Director Jim Tiemstra,
K6JAT, will report to the Board soon, once plans are fleshed out.
Tiemstra told the ARRL Executive Committee (EC) on October 12 in Aurora,
Colorado, that Advocacy Committee members have traveled to Washington to
meet on multiple occasions with members of Congress and their staffs to
inform them of the committee’s plans.
ARRL Washington Counsel Dave Siddall, K3ZJ, told the EC last month that
he understands the conditional exemption of amateur radio licensees from
the RF exposure measurement requirements in the FCC’s Part 97 Amateur
Service rules is proposed to be removed. A Report and Order in FCC
Docket WT 13-84 is making the rounds that, if adopted, would make
amateur licensees subject to the same requirements as all other FCC
licensees. The Report and Order is expected to be released before
year’s end.
Siddall also reported to the EC that the FCC is poised to address the
60-meter band amateur allocation adopted at World Radiocommunication
Conference 2015 (WRC-15). The National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA), on behalf of US government primary
users of the band, has insisted that the maximum permitted power for
radio amateurs must not exceed that agreed to at WRC-15 — 15 W
effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) or 9.1 W ERP — despite the
fact that Canada has authorized its amateur licensees to use 100 W, and
eliminate the current discrete channels, which ARRL’s petition
proposed to retain. NTIA oversees federal government frequency
allocations and users.
Minutes of the October 12 Executive Committee meeting were posted this
week on the ARRL website.

ARRL Self-Guided Emergency Communication Course EC-001-S is Now
Available On Demand
ARRL’s EC-001-S online “Introduction to Emergency
course is now available to students in an on-demand format, allowing
students to register for the course and begin work at any time. This
course is designed to provide basic knowledge and tools for any
emergency communications volunteer.
In response to the great course demand and to expand access to EC-001,
ARRL developed a self-guided version of the course, EC-001-S, which
launched in June. This version of the course is designed for those who
prefer to work independently and who do not need guidance from an online
mentor. EC-001-S was previously offered only during specific sessions
along with the traditional mentored version. The course opened for
general enrollment on November 6.
Visit the ARRL Online Course Registration page for more information and
to register.

FCC Invites Comments on Digital AM Broadcasting Proposal
The FCC has invited comments on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM),
that would allow AM broadcasters to transmit an all-digital signal using
the HD Radio in-band on-channel (IBOC) mode, known as MA3.1
“We tentatively conclude that a voluntary transition to all-digital
broadcasting has the potential to benefit AM stations and provide
improved AM service to the listening public,” the FCC said. “We seek
comments on proposed operating standards for all-digital stations and
the impact of such operations on existing analog stations and
The proceeding was initiated by a March 2019 Petition for Rulemaking
(Petition) filed by Bryan Broadcasting Corporation. “This proceeding
continues the Commission’s efforts to improve and update the AM radio
service to provide a better listening experience for consumers and
enhanced service offerings, as part of our continuing effort to
revitalize AM broadcasting,” the FCC said in the introduction to the
Comments are due 60 days after the NPRM appears in The Federal Register.

Region 2:
Check out the latest “Ascension Airwaves” at K5ARC.org. 
It’s jammed packed with great stuff!

Region 3:
4th Quarter 2019 Update
The Fourth Quarter of 2019 is shaping up to be a busy time of year.
Not only do we nominate and elect officers for the upcoming year this
quarter, we also vote on Ham of the Year Award and host our annual
Christmas Party.
And, this quarter (October) we also finally installed the much awaited
147.330+ (CTCSS 114.8) at its new location at Chabert Hospital in east
Houma, LA near the Houma Airbase. A DB-224E antenna was installed at
roughly 100 feet HAAT atop a Rohn-25G tower on the roof of the building.
 Utilizing new 1/2" Rosenberger heliax and fittings, a previously unused
Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion repeater was installed by our motley crew.
A Job Well Done and Thanks go to all who participated!!
This repeater is operating strictly in the analog mode, giving us
additional coverage for both daily and emergency amateur radio use.
Also in October we received a request from the owners of the tower
hosting our Gray repeater, 147.390+ (CTCSS 114.8), to install our own
electrical service at the site and begin paying our own utility fees
directly with the electric company.
Within 3 weeks, we secured the permit, installed the hardware, and
facilitated the power company hook-up to begin using our own power. Once
again, many Thanks to All who contributed to the cause!!
As always, we enjoy the company of fellow Hams and their family and
loved oved ones, as well as the great food, at our monthly Dinner
Socials in Houma and Thibodaux!!
George Tippett, WB5PKK
Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club
aka Bayou Region Amateur Radio Society (501c3)

Region 4:
From:  Volume 59, Number 10 ACADIANA AMATEUR RADIO ASSOC., INC. - a
501(c)3 Corporation October 2019
October 4–6, 2019 by Larry KE5KJD and Sandy LeBlanc KE5KJF The Tour du
Teche Canoe Race is a 135 mile race from Port Barre, LA, to Berwick, LA.
The race has introduced paddlers and eco-tourists to the recreational,
cultural, and economic value of the bayou for local residents. The three
day race with stops in St. Martinville, Franklin, and finishing in
Berwick has turned into a paddling marathon as well as a 3 day party for
towns along the route with families along the route cheering for the
paddlers. In the past we have had paddlers from Mexico City, Canada.
Australia, Thailand, Germany, and others. The boats range from solo
paddlers with a single blade paddle, to the Big boats with 3-6 paddlers
with single or double paddles. Two years ago a boat with 4 paddlers won
the 135 mile race in the Big Boat Division in 17:54:04, with an average
of 6.03 mph. Shorter races include: Crawfish – Port Barre to
– 30 miles; Acadian – Port Barre to St. Martinville – 49
Hot Sauce – St. Martinville to New Iberia – 24 miles; Sugar
– St.
Martinville to Franklin – 59 miles; Black Bear – New Iberia to
Franklin – 35 miles; and the Oil and Gas – Franklin to Berwick
27 miles. There will be events up and down the bayou in conjunction with
the race. There was a band and some vendors and a gumbo cook-off in St.
Martinville. The Chitimacha tribe had a lot of festivals and food at
their check point. Franklin had vendors, a homemade boat exhibit
(wonderful), and a voucher for a meal. Berwick had a carnival along with
vendors with food, crafts, and clothing at the finish line. People sit
on their wharf and hand out water and cookies along the way. As we have
in the last eight years, the AARA ham club provides communications
support for the race. The Command Center (Crawfish Hole) is a mobile
trailer that was set up in Port Barre, St. Martinville, Franklin, and
Berwick. Larry LeBlanc KE5KJD and Sandy LeBlanc KE5KJF are coordinators
for the AARA ham club. The club’s task included verifying boat numbers
and times, and the status of individual paddlers and canoes along the
route from Port Barre to Berwick. Along with tracking canoes, the club
uses the event to host HF contacts along the route.
The Tour du Teche qualified as a Special Event with the ARRL and was
listed in the QST. If you would like to participate in the Special
Event, come to any checkpoint, set up your station, and send your log to
Chris Ancelet N5MCY for QSL card verification. See W5DDL,org for
details. Mr. Ray Pellerin along with Larry KE5KJD and Sandy LeBlanc
KE5KJF would like to thank the members of the AARA who have volunteered
to help with communications for Tour du Teche X. We have 17 participants
this year. They are: Glen Thibodeaux KF5FNP, David McCutchen KG5JHR,
Herman Campbell KN5GRK, Tom Dischler W5OHJ, Paula Romero KF5CNS, Nick
Pugh K5QXJ, JoAnn Pugh KE5RPI, Danny Daigle KD5JSM, Kathy Daigle KD5TJZ,
Galen Wilson KF5BET, Abbi Wilson KF5BEW, Kendra Wilson KF5FYS, Brandon
Stelly KG5LQM, Ric Wallace KF5KEL, and Jackie Wallace KF5PCH. If you
would like to volunteer, contact Sandy LeBlan KE5KJD (337) 254-1061.
Again Larry and I would like to thank everyone for volunteering. See you
on the Bayou. Sad to say, this will be our last year to coordinate the
communications for the Tour du Teche race. If anyone would like to
assume the job let me know. We will help with the transition. Sandy and
Larry LeBlanc Communications Coordinators Tour de Teche 135 Race

BEEF MEAT BALLS AND GRAVY 1-1/2 Pounds 85/15 Ground Beef 1 Pkg, Onion
Soup Mix 1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup Water Salt, Pepper, Granulated
Onion, Granulated Garlic Vegetable Oil Season the ground meat with salt,
pepper, granulated onion and granulated garlic. Make 1” diameter balls
of the ground meat. Put 1/2” of oil in a Dutch oven and bring up to
temperature. Brown the meatballs, in two batches, turning once, and then
put on paper toweling. Pour out all oil, and put 1/2 cup of water in
pot. Return to medium heat and “grab-up” all the
“goodies”. Put
the meat balls, mushroom soup + a can of water, onion soup mix, 1/4
teaspoon of pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of granulated onion powder and a 1/2
teaspoon salt into the pot. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
Serve over steamed rice.

On Sept 11, I fell in my yard and broke my right foot and fractured my
left collar bone, spent 2 months in hospital for surgery and therapy.  I
have been home two weeks and just now trying to catch up on my e-mails. 
I have not been able to run my reflector or answer e-mails.  Please bear
with me, it may take a while.  I am scheduled to have prostrate surgery
on December 4.  I will try to answer some of my e-mails as soon as
Thanks for all the prayers and wishes for Ramona KG5HNO and me Herman

St. Mary Parish
Jim Coleman, Keith Barnes and I were able to attend the B.E.A.R.S
meeting recently in Morgan City and make the official presentation to
our 2019 LA Section Amateur of the Year, Jackie Price, KA5LMZ.  As many
of you know Jackie is the leader of her club and the EC for St. Mary
ARES.  We were treated to a very tasty brunch before the meeting and Jim
Coleman gave the group a really nice ARES presentation.  Congratulations
Jackie and thanks again for the wonderful welcome and hospitality as

Region 6:
December 2019 A Publication of the Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club
The BRASS KEY is published monthly as its official journal by the
Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club, P. O. Box 8852, Alexandria, LA.
Prez says . . . Final Words from our President, Jim Walters, AE5ZE
December 2019 Well, we are almost the end of another year. It's time for
our Christmas Dinner on Dec. 3rd, so if you have not made your
reservations, please contact Steve Baillio, our treasurer before Friday,
November 29th. After making reservations, you can pay at the door. The
cost is $12.00 per person. Hope to see you there. We are having the same
caterer as last year and everything was great! During our Christmas
Dinner we will install our new Board of Directors. Amateur radio is an
evolving hobby that has something for everyone. As you make plans for
2020, please consider doing something new in amateur radio. I have
several projects to work on. The first is learning CW. I have a TS830S
that I am recapping (110 electrolytic capacitors), and have just
acquired a Hammarlund HQ110, and a Johnson Viking, both boat anchors
that I am going to restore and get on the air. What are you planning to
do??? This is my last Pres Says! I want to personally acknowledge the
Board Members that have served this past year. They did all of the work
to accomplish the tasks at hand and to make our club a success! Please
take the time to thank each one of them! See you on the bands! 73, Jim

CLARC welcomes new member Chris Wright, KI5HDW! Chris passed his
Technician Class license exam at our November meeting! Time to study for
that upgraded license!

HEALTH AND WELFARE: Mike Canady, N5GJQ - Has been in the hospital for
nerve inflammation. Jack Brossette, W5ETL - Jack is having difficulty
with several heath issues. Jim Bookter, N5NVP and Mrs. Irma, KE5UPK -
continued prayers for Mrs. Irma's needs and safe travels for Jim as he
goes back and forth to Lafayette. Prayers for Joseph Notcha and his
needs. Mitchel Neil, KG5OIF - Prayers for Jeannie as she recovers from
gall bladder surgery. Steve Neesly, KE5IAK - Prayers for Mrs. Glenda as
she heals from a broken arm. Prayer this evening was led by Keith,

Winter Field Day: Winter Field Day will be January 25 - 26. Jim asked
for a show of hands of those interested in participating in the field
day this year. Scott KD5DFL reminded the membership that we are still in
need of a location for the field day. Kees Park is one possible site,
but there are some antenna issues that we will have to work out. If the
field day were held at Kees Park, it would have to be limited to a
simple one-day event, Saturday only, running from setup at 8:00 AM to
take down around 8:00PM on the same day. Only two to three radios would
be set up. We would not be allowed use of the Kees Park area overnight.
An alternate site would be the LDWF Center in Woodworth, which we used
for the Summer Field Day.

Region 9:
The SELARC "Hamster"
*Serving Amateur Radio Since 1974*
Published Monthly by the Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club Inc.
P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404
Visit our website: www.selarc.org
Vol. 46, No. 11 ................................ November 2019

Happy Birthday
Birthday Wishes for November go out to - John Mark Robertson K5JMR,
Manny WD5BJR, and Tom W5PGS If we missed your birthday, then please let
us know.
Get Well Soon —
Best wishes for continued recuperation go to SELARC members Tom Simpson
N5HAY and Homer Jones KA5TRT. We look forward to hearing you on the
VE Session Results
Congratulations to the following new Technician licensees!
Curt Montgomery - Hammond, La.
Kevin Jenkins - Covington, La.
Ronnie Voorhies - Madisonville, La.
Thank you once again, to all the VEs' who show up to make this

Multiple Sclerosis 150-mile "Dat's How We Roll" Bike Tour
Over the October 5 & 6 weekend thirty-two amateur radio volunteers from
the Southeast LA Amateur Radio Club (SELARC), Southwest MS Amateur Radio
Club and southeast LA ARES provided 267 "people-power" hours of public
service in support of the annual Multiple Sclerosis bike ride from
Hammond (LA) to Percy Quin Park (MS) and back.
The hams used the SELARC VHF repeater and the LWARN UHF repeater system
to provide communications assistance to the safety, logistics and
medical teams spread over the route on the back-country roads of
Louisiana and Mississippi.
The Multiple Sclerosis staff and friends and families of the cyclists,
as well as the bikers themselves, were appreciative of the ham radio
volunteers and were impressed with the capabilities of amateur radio.
The event was a wonderful display of the ham operators' skills and
public service capabilities.
Special Events, Other Hamfests & VE Sessions
MARA Christmas Hamfest - Minden, LA - Dec 21, 2019
SELARC - 39th Annual Hammond Hamfest
Hammond VE Group - ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of
each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room "B" of the
North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee.
Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact
n5xes@arrl.net or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.

ARRL Individual Member: Andy Allen, KF5ORM.
ARRL Affiliated Club: Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club (CLARC)
Congratulations to both!

Next drawing is December 1st…..All Active Affiliated Clubs are
automatically entered; if you have already sent me your call you need
not send again…if you have not yet entered send me our call sign by
email, text, Facebook etc….you must be an active ARRL member in the
Louisiana Section to enter and win….73
Sessions QNI QTC QTR
15.            414 32.   224

Jimmy Lewis/AB5YS
Louisiana Section Traffic Manager
ARES Monthly Section Emergency Coordinators Report
1. ARRL Section:  Louisiana
2. Month:  October
3. Year: 2019
4. Total number of ARES members: 435
5. Number of DECs/ECs reporting this month: 9
6. Number of ARES nets active:  60
7. Number of nets with NTS liaison:  3
8. Calls of DECs/EC reporting:  W4NDF, KD5MLD, KG5BNH, KE5BMS, AG5LR,
 9a. Number of exercises & training sessions this month: 32
  9b.  Person hours :  551
10a. Number of public service events this month : 1    10b. Person hours
: 276
11a. Number of emergency operations this month : 0
11b. Person hours :  0
12a. Number of SKYWARN operations this month:  1
 12b. Person hours :  40
13a. Auto Sum 9a, 10a, 11a, 12a :  34
 13b. Auto Sum 9b,
        10b, 11b, 12b:  867
Submitted by:  James Coleman, AI5B
Louisiana Section Emergency Coordinator

“CONGRATULATIONS” to ASEC Corey McCrary (W5MMC) and his wife Dr. Liz
McCrary on the birth of their first child, a boy GRAHAM ELDON McCRARY on
October 29th.**  

If you have not registered for ARES CONNECT please do so at the
following link: 
Please remember that your username must be your Call Sign!
12/21/2019 | MARA Christmas Hamfest
Location: Minden, LA
Sponsor: Minden Amateur Radio Assoc
Website: http://n5rd.org

01/18/2020 | 39th Annual Hammond Hamfest
Location: Hammond, LA
Sponsor: Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Website: http://www.selarc.org
November 1-30 2019 $10 off When you spend $25 or more at
www.arrl.org/shop Use code:  THANKS
December 1-31 2019 $5 shipping when you spend $20 or more at
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***I had an excellent response to my recent email regarding Section
PIO’s…..3 people have expressed an interest in the position and
are very qualified and motivated ARRL members.  We still need PIO’s in
the following Regions:
Please contact our Section PIC Joe Holland at kb5vjy@gmail.ooc if you
are interested.

73 and see you next month,

ARRL Louisiana Section
Section Manager: John Mark Robertson, K5JMR