Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter December 2019


I hope that everyone had a good Christmas! 2020 is just around the
corner.  The Minden Hamfest was very successful and was well attended. 
Delta Director David Norris, K5UZ gave us a great ARRL update in the
ARRL forum.  Hammond Hamfest is January 18th….Hope to see many of you
***Collegiate Bowl on the Air
The four collegiate radio clubs for Louisiana State University (K5LSU),
Ohio State University (W8LT), Clemson University (WD4EOG), and
University of Oklahoma (W5TC) will be on the air on December 28th prior
to the start of the Collegiate Bowl Semifinal games.  All amateur
stations are welcome to contact the stations.  We would love to hear
from alumni of any collegiate club and from other school clubs.  Any
amateur station contacting all 4 club stations can receive a
Time: 1500Z to maybe 2200Z on Dec 28th.
Bands: All except 60m.  Club stations will work in the General Class
sections of the HF bands.
Modes:  Phone, CW, Digital, as we feel like it.
Exchange:  RST Name QTH.
QSL:  For each of the four clubs, contact them directly for a QSL card.
The certificates will be handled by the Amateur Radio Society at LSU
Dana Browne, AD5VC

NEW HAMS (as reported to the ARRL)
Report for 2019-12-03
Jesse L Coats, KI5HEC
Royce J Griffin, KI5HDD
Toby M Battaglia, KI5HDE
Jonathan S Eubanks, KI5HDF
Curtis E Montgomery, KI5HAY
Kevin P Jenkins, KI5HAZ
Ronnie P Voorhies, KI5HBA
Jared A Headrick, KI5HIS
Valerie K Taylor, KI5HFE
Nicholas J Perry, KI5HFF
Jason M Doucet, KI5HFD
Zachary L Carraway, KI5HFC
Steven A Rasberry, KI5HBV
Robert L Mccormick, KI5HBW
Michael P Krzystowczyk, KI5HIP
Nicholas R Mueller, KI5HIQ
Andrew R Schoonmaker, KI5HIR
Travis L Freese, KI5HIT
Taner M Crooks, KI5HCH
Collin Crooks, KI5HCF
Jonathan A Hawley, KI5HIU
Wyatt J Weeks, KI5HCG
Amy D Weeks, KI5HCI
Ethan J Weeks, KI5HIV
Callum Mitchel, KI5HCE
Christopher A Wright, KI5HDW
Aaron J Kerr, KI5HHA

License Upgrades (as reported to the ARRL)
Report for 2019-12-03
Paula R Hidalgo, KI5CDJ
Isabella M Dugas, KI5CKA
Lester J Zaunbrecher, KI5GIZ

New/Renewed ARRL Members (as reported to the ARRL)
Report for 2019-12-03
David R Wyatt, KI5FSQ
Joel P Graffagnino, AA5PZ
Travis B Perrilloux, KF5LIC
Leo Simanonok
Jonathan S Eubanks, KI5HDF
Richard D Suntken, KF5EQM
Peter M Dakin, KA5APE
Arthur L Clardy, AB5CV
Richard S Hendrix, K5KRG
Sandra Leblanc, KE5KJF
Albert S Fabacher, KF5WP
Allen D Redling, KG5DHX
Henry Schwenke, KE5WUB
Jimmy E Walters, N5JEW
Christopher A Wright, KI5HDW
YOTA Month Expanding into the Americas
December is Youth on the Air (YOTA) Month, when stations operated by
young radio amateurs around the world will get on the air to celebrate
youth in amateur radio. YOTA Month began a few years ago in
International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 1, and the concept has
now taken root in the Americas as YOTA Month in the Americas.
During YOTA Month, radio amateurs aged 25 and younger will be on the air
as special event stations during December on various bands and modes. In
the US, look for K8Y, K8O, K8T, and K8A. Elsewhere in the Americas,
VE7YOTA will be on the air from Canada. XR2YOTA in Chile has been added
to the list of youth stations in the Americas for YOTA Month. Young hams
in other countries may also join in. Listen for other YOTA Month
stations with “YOTA” suffixes.
For more information about YOTA in the Americas, contact YOTA Month in
the Americas Coordinator Bryant Rascoll, KG5HVO, or YOTA in the Americas
Camp Director Neil Rapp, WB9VPG.
Participants earn certificates by working the various YOTA-suffix
stations on the air throughout December. Not a contest, the event is
aimed at getting as many youngsters on air from as many countries as
possible. The event takes place from 0000 UTC on December 1 until 2359
UTC on December 31.
Other special call signs planning to be on the air include 5B19YOTA,
Most stations will put their logs on LoTW with paper cards available
through Club Log OQRS. QSL direct via M0SDV.— Thanks to YOTA and YOTA
in the Americas

Boy Scouts Report Increased JOTA 2019 Station Participation
The Boy Scouts of America report that, although overall JOTA 2019
participation was down slightly from 2018, “our calculations show that
each station averaged an additional 13 people in attendance over 2019.
This shows an aggregate increase of 24% attendance per station, even
with our reported stations being down from 266 in 2018 to 201 in 2019."
The Scouts reported that 13,783 individuals took part in JOTA 2019, down
from 14,708 in 2018. 

US State Department Seeks Foreign Service Information Management
Technical Specialists – Radio
The US Department of State is currently accepting applications for
Foreign Service Information Management Technical Specialists – Radio
(IMTS-R) positions. Foreign Service IMTS-Rs design, install, and
maintain radio and telecommunications systems. They provide radio
support for presidential, congressional, and other VIP visits. These
radio specialists work from a regional location, overseas or
domestically. Extensive travel is required to support radio
telecommunications systems, such as land mobile radio (LMR), HF, VHF,
and UHF radio networks at State Department missions around the world.
Potential applicants should read the vacancy announcement to ensure that
they meet all of the requirements before applying.
To begin the online application process, visit USAJOBS. The deadline to
submit completed applications is December 31, 2019. Applicants must be
US citizens, at least 20 years old to apply, and at least 21 years old
to be appointed. Applicants must also be available for worldwide service
and be able to obtain all required security, medical, and suitability

Oldest Known US Ham Receives ARRL Centurion Award
The oldest known US radio amateur, Cliff Kayhart, W4KKP, received his
ARRL Centurion Award plaque in November. The award recognizes hams who
have achieved centenarian status. Kayhart, who lives in White Rock,
South Carolina, is 108. The ARRL Board of Directors conferred the award
on Kayhart at its July 2019 meeting.
At the November meeting of the Dutch Fork Amateur Radio Group in Little
Mountain, South Carolina, ARRL Roanoke Division Director Bud Hippisley,
W2RU, headed an ARRL delegation that presented the Centurion Award
plaque to Kayhart, who was first licensed as W2LFE in 1937 (he’s also
held W9GNQ). With Hippisley were Roanoke Division Vice Director Bill
Morine, N2COP, and South Carolina Section Manager Marc Tarplee, N4UFP.
Kayhart served on Iwo Jima during World War II, shortly after the US
victory there, setting up long-range radio communication from the island
to Tokyo to arrange for the eventual surrender by Japan.
Kayhart remains active, checking into several nets from his assisted
living facility. Centurion Award recipients have their annual ARRL
membership fees waived while continuing to receive QST and other ARRL
member benefits. Kayhart was profiled in the June 2018 issue of QST.   

Dayton Hamvention Admission, Fees to Increase in 2020
Dayton Hamvention® is increasing the cost of admission and its booth
fees. Hamvention General Chair Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT, announced this week
that general admission would rise by $4 per ticket to $26 in advance or
$31 at the gate for all 3 days. The cost of flea market spots will go up
by $5 per space, and inside exhibitors will pay $30 more.
“Hamvention has always strived to produce a very high-quality event
for amateur radio enthusiasts from around the globe,” Gerbs said.
“We have always felt it is imperative that we give back to amateur
radio at many levels. We have been very generous in our support over the
years.” Gerbs cited “the economic pressures to present a show like
Hamvention” as the reason for the price increases.
“The Hamvention Executive Team is asking for your support and
understanding as we move forward together,” he said.

Next Kids Day is Saturday, January 4
The first Saturday in January is Kids Day — the time to get youngsters
on the air to share in the joy and fun that Amateur Radio can provide.
Kids Day gets under way on Saturday, January 4, at 1800 UTC and
concludes at 2359 UTC.
Sponsored by the Boring (Oregon) Amateur Radio Club, this event has a
simple exchange, suitable for younger operators: First name, age,
location, and favorite color. After that, the contact can be as long or
as short as each participant prefers. Kids Day is the perfect
opportunity to open your shack door and invite kids over to see what
Amateur Radio has to offer.
Details are on the ARRL website. 

ARRL Reshapes its Podcast Offerings for 2020
In conjunction with the launch of its new On the Air magazine, which is
aimed at those just beginning their journey in amateur radio, ARRL is
reconfiguring its podcast lineup.
Heading up the new schedule will be a free companion podcast to the
bimonthly On the Air magazine. The “On the Air” podcast will take a
deeper look into select features and projects from the magazine. Each
month, host and On the Air Editorial Director Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY,
will offer additional resources, techniques, and hints to help
less-experienced radio amateurs to get the most from the magazine’s
In addition to the podcast, ARRL will introduce a free “On the Air”
blog featuring curated content from the communicators and makers who are
the driving force of amateur radio today. Curated by ARRL Product
Development manager Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R, the blog will highlight
opportunities and activities available to new licensees. The “On the
Air” blog is intended as an entry point into the world of amateur
radio for those seeking original voices and perspectives. Readers will
be invited to take part in the conversation by sharing their stories and
ARRL’s current “So Now What?” podcast will cease production
January 2020, as the full complement of On the Air content is rolled
out. The catalog of “So Now What?” episodes is available for
listening or downloading.
In addition, “The Doctor is In” podcast, which has served
more-experienced amateurs since 2016, will conclude its 4-year run on
December 19, 2019. “Eclectic Tech,” a new bi-weekly podcast designed
to appeal to experienced amateurs, will launch in February 2020.
Hosted by QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY, “Eclectic Tech” will
highlight technical topics involving amateur and non-amateur technology,
offer brief interviews with individuals involved in projects of interest
to amateurs, and include practical information of immediate benefit to
today’s hams.
“The Doctor is In” co-host Joel Hallas, W1ZR, is selecting some of
his favorite podcast episodes for re-broadcast in the interim between
the end of production for “The Doctor is In” and the debut of
“Eclectic Tech.” The complete “The Doctor is In” archive
available on the ARRL website. Hallas will continue to answer questions
about amateur radio in QST’s “The Doctor is In” column.
The “ARRL Audio News” podcast will continue to provide a weekly
summary of news and activities within the amateur radio community. 

FCC Formally Adopts Proposals to Remove Amateur 3-GHz Band, Invites
At its December 12 meeting, the FCC formally adopted a Notice of
Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in WT Docket 19-348 and invited comments on
its plan to remove “existing non-federal secondary radiolocation and
amateur allocations” in the 3.3 – 3.55 GHz band and relocate
incumbent non-federal operations. The FCC said it’s seeking comment on
appropriate “transition mechanisms” to make that happen. ARRL has
indicated that it will file comments in opposition to the proposal. The
amateur 9-centimeter allocation is 3.3 – 3.5 GHz. The NPRM comes in
response to the MOBILE NOW [Making Opportunities for Broadband
Investment and Limiting Excessive and Needless Obstacles to Wireless]
Act, approved by the 115th Congress to make available new spectrum for
mobile and fixed wireless broadband use.
“By proposing to delete the existing non-federal secondary allocations
from the 3.3 – 3.55 GHz band, we are taking an important initial step
towards satisfying Congress’s directives and making as much as 250
megahertz of spectrum potentially available for advanced wireless
services, including 5G,” the FCC said in the Introduction to its
Currently, the entire 3.1 – 3.55 GHz band is allocated for both
federal and non-federal radiolocation services, with non-federal users
operating on a secondary basis to federal radiolocation services, which
have a primary allocation, the NPRM explains.
The FCC said it is seeking comment on relocating non-federal licensees
to another band. With respect to amateur operations, the FCC invited
comments on whether sufficient amateur spectrum exists in other bands
that can support the operations currently conducted at 3.3 – 3.5 GHz.
The 3.40 – 3.41 GHz segment is earmarked for amateur satellite
communication. “We seek comment on the extent to which the band is
used for this purpose, whether existing satellites can operate on other
amateur satellite bands, and on an appropriate timeframe for terminating
these operations in this band,” the FCC said. If non-federal licensees
are relocated to 3.1 – 3.3 GHz band, the FCC proposes that they
continue to operate on a secondary basis to federal operations,
consistent with current band allocations.
Some comments began to arrive before the FCC formally adopted the NPRM,
as it points out in a footnote. Kevin Milner, KD0MA, the
secretary/treasurer of the Ski Country Amateur Radio Club in Colorado,
has argued that the club’s equipment cannot be re-channeled below 3.4
GHz, and the club is seeking relocation costs. Devin Ulibarri, W7ND,
told the FCC that amateur networks in the current band cannot move
easily into other amateur allocations because there is no readily
available commercial equipment to support the bandwidth, the FCC
In the event the proposed amendments are adopted, the FCC “seeks
comment on relocation options and on transition and protection
mechanisms for incumbent non-federal operations.”
Also at its December 12 meeting, the FCC considered another NPRM in WT
Docket 19-138 that would “take a fresh and comprehensive look” at
the rules for the 5.9 GHz band and propose, among other things, to make
the lower 45 MHz of the band available for unlicensed operations and to
permit “cellular vehicle-to-everything” (C-V2X) operations in the
upper 20 MHz of the band. The FCC is not proposing to delete or
otherwise amend the amateur allocation, which would continue as a
secondary allocation.
The Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) has offered its voice
in challenging the FCC proposals on the two bands, saying their adoption
would “eliminate our use of the most-effective resource hams have to
build its networks.”
“The AREDN Project is able to leverage low-cost commercial devices
solely because they are designed to operate on adjacent allocations,”
AREDN said on its website. “Moving to other allocations would be
difficult if not impossible without a complete redesign, manufacture,
purchase, and installation of new custom amateur hardware and
software…, raising the price out of reach for the typical ham.”
Interested parties may file short comments on WT Docket 19-348 via the
FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing Service (Express). Visit the FCC
“How to Comment on FCC Proceedings” page for information on filing
extended comments.

New Section Manager Will Take Over in North Carolina on April 1
Marvin Hoffman, WA4NC, of Boone, North Carolina, will take the reins as
of the North Carolina ARRL Field Organization this spring. Hoffman was
the sole nominee to succeed incumbent Section Manager Karl Bowman,
W4CHX, of Raleigh, who decided not to run for a new term after serving
since 2014. Because no challengers came forward by the nomination
deadline, no contested SM elections will take place during the winter
election cycle.
These incumbent Section Managers will begin new terms in 2020: John
Fritze, K2QY, Eastern New York; George Miller, W3GWM, Eastern
Pennsylvania; John Mark Robertson, K5JMR, Louisiana; Joe Speroni, AH0A,
Pacific; Dave Kaltenborn, N8KBC, San Diego; Chris Stallkamp, KI0D, South
Dakota; and Joe Palsa, K3WRY, Virginia. New 2-year terms of office begin
on April 1.


Region 2:  Please see the “Ascension Airwaves” at
K5ARC.org….always jammed pack full of info…….

Region 4:
Volume 59, Number 12 ACADIANA AMATEUR RADIO ASSOC., INC. - December
Thank you to the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association from the Tour du
Teche – 2019 From Gustave (Tave) Lamperez Tour du Teche Race Director
dated 11/08/2019 Larry and Sandy Leblanc, The Tour du Teche held its
10th event this year, 2019. As the new Race Director of this wonderful
event, I want to thank the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association for your
many years of service to our event. I have run many races over my 40
plus years of participating in canoe and kayak races. I have seen when a
race does not have the expertise in communication to make sure that all
racers are located and safe, your team makes difference. Thank you for
your help and experience we really depend on your team to keep our
racers and volunteers safe. Your support at our checkpoints is
indispensable, your help ensures the high quality event we host every
year. Please share our appreciation with all of your members. Gustave
(Tave) Lamperez Tour du Teche Race Director

VE Test Session 7 November 2019 73, de Greg ~ K5LFT It was another great
night. We had 4 come in without a ticket & 4 go out with a Tech license.
One came in a Tech & out a General , hence a great night. Those earning
a Tech were : Valerie K. Taylor ~ KI5HFE~ of Kaplan along with her son
Nicholas J. Perry ~KI5HFF~ also of Kaplan. Two others were: Jason M.
Doucet ~KI5HFD~ of New Iberia & Zachary L. Carroway ~KI5HFC~ of Ville
Platte. The gentleman upgrading to General was Lester J. Zaunbrecher
~KI5GIZ~ of Arnauldville. The VEs involved were: Greg ~ K5LFT, Michael ~
KI5ARX & Tom ~ W5OHJ. Great big TNX to the VEs & Congratulations to the
new hams & the Upgrader!!!!!

Silent Key - Larry Leblanc KE5KJD Larry LeBlanc KE5KJD became a Silent
Key on November 13, 2019 after suffering a major stroke. His service to
the Tour du Teche canoe races, to ham radio in general, and to the AARA
club will be greatly missed. He started out in radio in 1970 as a Novice
with call WN5GHC, operating on mainly CW with a homemade multiband
vertical in Richardson, Texas. He had been operating in his hometown of
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana as KE5KJD on various bands. Larry loved to try
experimentation to help his own radio operation. His beloved wife Sandy
KE5KJF also operated radio with him and helped tremendously with the
Tour du Teche races.

Technical Presentation Battery Technology by Mike Cavell KI5ARX Mike
Cavell KI5ARX gave an excellent presentation on battery technology. He
provided a very good layman’s level explanation of many considerations
individuals should address when selecting battery systems. The many
considerations discussed include, but were not limited to, the
following: Watt hours per volume Watt hours per weight Cost per watt
hour Useable watt hours (battery life) Memory effects Charge / discharge
cycles Voltage considerations Charging considerations Battery management
systems Solar charging systems Failure mode considerations DC / DC
converters Form factors Handling safety An audio recording of his
presentation and the slides he used during the presentation have been
uploaded to the club website at www.w5ddl.org. They are listed on the
“ARTICLES OF INTEREST” page. Audio recording of presentation: Audio
recording mp3 Slideshow presentation: Slideshow presentation

Winter Field Day January 25 At Steve Webre’s in Church Point 
AARA Hamfest March 13-14, 2020 Rayne, LA 
For any additional information, check the W5DDL.org website AARA
Christmas Party December 12, 2019 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie 1 Chocolate pie crust 1 Cup peanut butter 1
8-oz package cream cheese – softened 1 1/4 Cup powdered sugar 1 8-oz
package whipped topping – thawed Beat peanut butter and cream cheese
until smooth. Add powered sugar and beat until smooth. Add in thawed
whipped topping and beat until smooth, scrapping sides as needed.. Pour
filling into crust, even out the top with spatula or knife. Chill at
least one hour before serving. This has become one of our favorites in
my family. Ultra-rich. You may only want to offer small slivers – your
guests will thank you. NOTE: Although you can use the “LITE” version
of the whipped topping, avoid the “No-fat” versions. The flavor is
not the same.

Region 6:
From:  The Brass Key January 2020 A Publication of the Central Louisiana
Amateur Radio Club
January 2020 Our esteemed and talented Editor will strive to get this
issue out before Christmas, so assuming that will be the case, Merry
Christmas, and Happy New Year! For all of you who have alleged that you
will come from the dark side and begin to operate in the preferred mode,
CW, your opportunity to get your feet wet is upon us. ARRL Straight Key
Night (SKN) runs from 00:00 UTC until 23:59 UTC on 01/01/20. So, knock
the rust and dust off your key and get ready. I will use my World War II
vintage J-38, which is my favorite straight key, anyway. SKN is not a
contest, but you can submit a log to ARRL if you want to. There is no
formal format or official exchange for SKN QSOs. It is designed to
provide some relaxing time on the air. Details are on the ARRL website.
Following SKN is the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) K3Y event. It
resembles the Original 13 Colonies and Route 66 events. There will be
K3Y stations in each of the ten U.S. call areas as well as KH6, KL7, and
KP4, and they will identify as K3Y/# where # signifies the call area in
which that station is located. There will be a few DX stations
designated as well. This event runs during the month of January. The
idea is to work as many of the K3Y stations as possible. QSL card and
certificates for various levels of “sweeps” will be available.
Details on the SKCC website. A big thanks to the intrepid members of the
Repeater Committee for bring our primary VHF repeater and the UHF
repeater back to life in mid-December. Don’t forget about Winter Field
Day. The on-air operation commences at 1:00 PM local time on Saturday,
01/25/20. Setup will be Friday afternoon. We plan to have a gumbo social
early Saturday evening. We have a great operating venue. More detailed
information elsewhere in this issue of the Brass Key. What do you want
out of Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club? 73 and good DX! John, N5CM

A SKYWARN Net was activated during the tornado/severe weather outbreak
Monday, December 16th. At around 12:00 noon, weather conditions
warranted the activation of the net on CLARC's 147.330 repeater by Net
Control Scott, KD5DFL. The National Weather Service reports the EF 3
tornado traveled 63 miles, from Deridder to Alexandria/Pineville. The
tornado touched down just west of Alexandria, causing considerable
damage to the Coliseum Boulevard area of Alexandria, before traveling
East to Pineville, causing considerable damage to the Edgewood Drive and
Donahue Ferry area. The net deactivated around 3 pm as the severity of
the weather decreased. Eleven hams either checked into the net or
reported on events (hail, trees down, homes damaged, etc.) in their
area. Participants in the net were: Dennis/W5LD, Greg/N5GSR,
Steve/KE5IAK, John/N5CM, Bobby/KB5DOG, Don/KI5AJV, Stacy/KG5KGU,
Jack/W5ETL, Terry/AB5JH, and Jim/AB5JM, Scott/KD5DFL, Net Control Many
thanks to Scott, KD5DFL, for serving as net control during this
emergency, and to all hams who participated. These volunteers helped to
keep our community safe by providing timely and accurate reports of
severe weather to the National Weather Service.

Winter Field Day (WFD) will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at
19:00 UTC (1:00 PM local time) through Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 19:00
UTC (1:00 PM local time). The Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club
(CLARC) will operate Winter Field Day and have our Winter Social at the
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Woodworth Outdoor
Education Center at 661 Robinson Bridge Road in Woodworth. Robinson
Bridge Road is also known as Louisiana Highway 3265. If you’re coming
from Alexandria on U.S. 165, turn left at the one and only traffic light
in the Greater Woodworth Metroplex. If you’re coming in on I-49, take
the Woodworth Exit (73). Don’t speed in Woodworth. The Winter Gumbo
Social will commence at 6:00 PM on Saturday. The club plans to provide a
gumbo. We will need people to bring potato salad or other side dishes
and some desserts. You do not have to operate on air to participate in
the social. Please e-mail Lisa KW5LC if you plan to attend the social,
how many people, and if you will be bringing something. We must know how
many to plan for. KW5LC@outlook.com We will commence set-up operations
on Friday afternoon, January 24, 2020 and continue on Saturday morning.
Specific times to be announced. We will need help to set up on Friday
the 24th and take-down on Sunday the 26th. Another announcement with
specific times will be sent out closer to the event. **PLEASE remember
to let Lisa, KW5LC, know in advance if you plan on attending the gumbo
social and what you would like to contribute as a side dish:

Region 9:
From: The SELARC "Hamster"
*Serving Amateur Radio Since 1974*
Published Monthly by the Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club Inc.
P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404
Visit our website: www.selarc.org
Vol. 46, No. 12 ......................... December 2019

SELARC 2020 Hamfest
As a reminder, The SELARC Hamfest on January 18, 2020, in Hammond is
just a month away, and the club is still in need of many more ticket
sales. Please contact Ernie Bush to obtain more tickets to sell or email
us to request.
The 4 main prizes for tickets also listed on the SELARC Hamfest page -
main prize winners do not need to be present at the drawing and if a
non-ham wins can receive the cash value equivalent shown in place of
item, prizes include:
o	1st Prize: Yaesu FT-450D or $500
o	2nd Prize: Yaesu FTM-400XDR or $350
o	3rd Prize: AA-230 Zoom Antennae Analyzer or $200
o	4th Prize: Yaesu FT-70DR or $100
Please email us if you have questions about the event or for any more
information needed to sell tickets.
Special Events, Other Hamfests & VE Sessions
MARA Christmas Hamfest - Minden, LA - Dec 21, 2019
SELARC - 39th Annual Hammond Hamfest
Hammond VE Group - ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of
each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room "B" of the
North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee.
Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact
n5xes@arrl.net or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program for contacts 3/3/19 to 12/31/19
Happy Birthday
Birthday Wishes for November go out to - Elizabeth KM6MWZ, Larry KJ6SET,
and Carol KE5GOC.
If we missed your birthday, then please let us know.
Get Well Soon —
Best wishes for continued recuperation go to SELARC members Tom Simpson
N5HAY and Homer Jones KA5TRT. We look forward to hearing you on the
VE Session Results
Congratulations to the following new Amateur Radio Operators and
Sebastian Schoegl - Baton Rouge, La.
Leo Schoegl - Baton Rouge, La.
Donald Hendrix - Gretna, La.
Timothy Lynch / KG5QDO - Hammond, La.
Again, many thanks to all VEs' who make the effort to make these
sessions a success!
Louisiana Traffic Managers Report: November 2019
Sessions QNI QTC QTR
17.            414 37    442
Jimmy Lewis/AB5YS Louisiana Section Traffic Manager
ARES Monthly Section Emergency Coordinators Report
1. ARRL: Section  Louisiana
2. Month:  November
3. Year:  2019
4. Total number of ARES members:  424
5. Number of DECs/ECs reporting this month:   9
6. Number of ARES nets active:   49
7. Number of nets with NTS liaison:   3
8. Calls of DECs/EC reporting: W4NDF KD5MLD KD5BNH KE5BMS AG5LR KD5DFL
 9a. Number of exercises & training sessions this month:      31
  9b.  Person hours:   334
10a. Number of public service events this month:    1   10b. Person
hours:    24
11a. Number of emergency operations this month:    0
11b. Person hours:   0
12a. Number of SKYWARN operations this month:   2
 12b. Person hours:  10
13a. Auto Sum 9a, 10a, 11a, 12a:   34
 13b. Auto Sum 9b,
        10b, 11b, 12b:    368

Jim Coleman, AI5B
Louisiana Section Emergency Coordinator 
December ARRL LA Section Book Giveaway winners are:
ARRL Affiliated Club is Shreveport Amateur Radio Assn.(SARA).
ARRL Member is Herman Campbell KN5GRK.
Congratulations to our winners! Next drawing January 1, 2020.

New Louisiana Section Public Information Officer(PIO) appointments:
Region 1 Joey Falgout N5TWR
Region 2 Elmer Tatum N5EKF
Region 7 Marcel Livesay N5VU
Please congratulate and welcome these 3 fellows as you see them.
While the PIO positions are located under ARES on the website (
laarrl.org ) this is a Section appointment and while ARES is important;
so are things going on around the Section with people, clubs, events,
Skywarn, bike races, any and all things you consider newsworthy and want
to see put out for everyone to see.....If you have no one assigned to
your Region or area please feel free to contact any other PIO or our PIC
Joe Holland, KB5VJY. We have had more interest in the PIO positions so
look for future announcements on that.

Congratulations to John Beck, KB5LE on your Special Service Award for
your assistance with HAM operations at NWS Shreveport! John has been Mr.
Reliable for gathering radio reports for our Skywarn program over the
last year. #skywarn19 #SRD2019

Thanks to all of our spotters and radio operators for coming out for
Skywarn Recognition Day! We appreciate what you do! #skywarn19 #SRD2019

Congratulations to Joey Falgout, N5TWR for getting the most "likes" in
our first "Caption the Meme" contest....Joey received a box of ARRL
goodies for his winning caption....!!! Please be looking out for the
next contest on the ARRL Louisiana Section Facebook page.

Upcoming Hamfests:
39th Annual Hammond Hamfest
Location: Pennington Student Activity Center
1350 North General Pershing Drive
Hammond, LA 70401
Website: http://www.selarc.org
Sponsor: Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Talk-In: 147.000 / -600khz (PL 107.2)
Public Contact: Tyrone Burns , N5XES Phone: 985-687-2139 Email:

With no opposition; I was re-elected to another 2 year term as Section
Manager beginning April 1, 2020. I am truly honored to be your Section
Manager and look forward to the next two years. I thank you for all the
support since April 2018.

ARRL Louisiana Section
Section Manager: John Mark Robertson, K5JMR