Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter October 2019






Michael V Macconn, KI5GLH
Berchman J Rodrigue, KI5GIL
Michael O Jackson, KI5GGP
Greg Tramell, KI5GGO
Lester J Zaunbrecher, KI5GIZ
Jeremy A Hoof, KI5GIY
Joshua J Bouy, KI5GJA
Scotty N Schadler, KI5GHG
Emily R Laprarie, KI5GJB
Jerry W Dukes, KI5GLY
Charles J Morgan, KI5GKC



William A Long, KI5EVL

Shane R Slaughter, KI5FZP



William R McHugh, K5WRM
Michael O Jackson, KI5GGP
Nathan J Stelly, KD5IQW
Ilya Okhotnikov, UA4WGC
Hector L Martinez Sis, W5CBF
Hugh D Morris, N5HDM
Christopher J Rust, W5TNU
Kevin B Williams, KB5VFW
John A London, NS5W
Keith D Doughty, KG5EMX
Brian C Bendily, KI5GEN
Don Deville
Shane Slaughter, KI5FZP



The Weather Channel Cites “Old School Tech” Amateur Radio as Storm Resource


Julio Ripoll, WD4R, Amateur Radio Assistant Coordinator of WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) explained Amateur Radio’s role during severe weather situations to interviewers from The Weather Channel (TWC). In a September 16 segment headlined as “Using Old School Tech During a Storm,” Ripoll — seated at WX4NHC — told Weather Channel interviewers Rick Knabb and Mike Bettes, that information NHC forecasters receive via Amateur Radio volunteers and spotters “sometimes fills in gaps they can’t get from satellites or reconnaissance.”


Knabb recounted an occasion when he was trying to pin down information about a storm system in Central America. “The only way I was able to accurately document what happened with that system in Central America was because of data through the ham radio operators that relayed it,” he told Ripoll.


Ripoll cited the WX4NHC volunteer staff of approximately 30 radio amateurs who gather and essentially screen information gathered via Amateur Radio for weather data that may be of use to forecasters.


Pointing to the continued use of analog technology in a digital world, Bettes said Amateur Radio “may be a dinosaur, but you’re not extinct.”


For his own part, Ripoll over the weekend expressed appreciation to WX4NHC, Hurricane Watch Net, and VoIP Hurricane Net volunteers for the time they donate during hurricanes and the reports they send to WX4NHC.


“Sometimes, we sit for hours listening to static. Sometimes, we receive many reports that are unremarkable. Sometimes, we receive very few reports. But then there are those times that one or two reports make a difference,” Ripoll said. He noted that NHC Hurricane Specialist Stacy Stewart cited Amateur Radio in a Hurricane Humberto advisory.


The advisory noted, “An Amateur Radio operator at Ports Island near the southern end of Bermuda reported a sustained wind of 75 MPH and a gust to 104 MPH during the past hour. An Amateur Radio operator in Somerset Village recently reported a sustained wind of 70 MPH and a gust to 89 MPH.” — Thanks to Julio Ripoll, WD4R


Past North Texas Section Manager Phil Clements, K5PC, SK


Former ARRL North Texas Section Manager Phil Clements, K5PC, of Ben Wheeler, Texas, died on September 23. An ARRL Life Member, he was 79. Clements served as ARRL North Texas Section Communications Manager/Section Manager from 1979 until 1989. (ARRL changed the position title to Section Manager in 1984.) Clements was a pilot for Braniff Airways and Airborne Express.


Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Registration is “On Track”


With just a couple of weeks to go before Scouting’s Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) event on October 18 – 20, JOTA Coordinator Jim Wilson, K5ND, reports that nearly 200 US stations have registered their intentions to participate.


“Over the last few years, we’ve typically had around 300 stations registered before the weekend,” Wilson told ARRL. “So, we’re on track.” Wilson noted that Icom America is providing an ID-51A Plus2 VHF/UHF D-STAR portable to encourage stations to submit after-event reports. A drawing will select the recipient.


“Band conditions aren’t expected to be any better than they’ve been for the past year, but the enthusiasm will be there,” Wilson predicted, “and local VHF-UHF can work as well as the D-STAR and [VoIP modes].” US participants who have not yet registered may do so online. — Thanks to Jim Wilson, K5ND




ARRL’s twice-yearly School Club Roundup (SCR) gets under way on Monday, October 21, at 1300 UTC, and runs through Friday, October 25, at 2359 UTC. Stations may operate for up to 24 hours during the entire contest and for 6 hours during any single 24-hour period. Any mode — SSB, CW, or digital — is allowed for the event.

Stations will participate in five categories: Elementary/Primary, Middle/Intermediate/Junior High School, Senior High School, College/University Club, and Non-School Club. There is also a category for Individuals to participate.

The most popular time for younger students to be on the air is during after-school hours, but older students may be on the air at any time. Groups are limited to one transmitter on the air at any given time. Stations exchange signal report, category (School, Club, or Individual), and state, province, or DXCC entity. Stations can be worked once per band and mode. Participants will now be able to make up to three contacts with a station on each band using CW, voice, and digital modes.

The School Club Roundup is co-sponsored by ARRL and the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC), and results appear in QST as well as online. The top three entries in each category — Elementary, Middle/Intermediate/Junior High School, Senior High School College/University — will receive an award certificate. Non-school clubs or multioperator groups and individuals are also eligible for certificates.

Submit scores and logs via the SCR score entry website. Scores and logs may be entered from the time the contest begins through the log submission deadline. Paper logs are acceptable as well. Logs for the October SCR are due by November 9.


ARRL to Launch New On the Air Magazine in January


ARRL is launching a new magazine, On the Air, in January 2020. To be published on a bimonthly basis, On the Air will offer new and beginner-to-intermediate-level radio amateurs a fresh approach to exploring radio communication. Each issue will include advice and insights on topics from the variety of Amateur Radio interests and activities: radio technology, operating, equipment, project building, and emergency communication. The goal of this new magazine is to be a vital resource in helping new and newer radio amateurs get active and involved in radio communications.

On the Air responds to the brand new and not-so-brand-new radio amateur seeking ideas and answers,” said QST Managing Editor Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY. Schoenfeld is part of the ARRL staff team that developed the new magazine. The planning included an extensive national-level study of new Amateur Radio licensees, identifying their motivations for getting licensed and their experiences of getting started. A focus group responded positively to a trial sample edition of the magazine.

“Too many new licensees never take the next step,” says Schoenfeld. “We’re excited to introduce a new Amateur Radio magazine for this audience, aimed at getting them active, getting them involved, and getting them on the air.”

The first issue of On the Air will be published in January 2020 (January/February issue) and will be introduced as a new ARRL membership benefit. Effective November 1, when eligible US radio amateurs join ARRL or renew their memberships, they will be prompted to select the print magazine of their choice — On the Air or QST. Current members receiving the print edition of QST, upon renewal, may choose to continue receiving the monthly print edition of QST or the print edition of the bimonthly On the Air.

All ARRL members, including international members, will be able to access digital editions of both QST and On the Air. Members who already access QST on the web or from the mobile app will be able to access QST and On the Air starting in January.


Louisiana, Mississippi Amateur Radio Volunteers Support “Bike MS: Dat’s How We Roll” Event


Over the October 5 – 6 weekend, 32 Amateur Radio volunteers from the Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club (SELARC), the Southwest Mississippi Amateur Radio Club, and Southeast Louisiana ARES supported the “Bike MS: Dat’s How We Roll” event. The tour provided 267 volunteer hours in support of the annual multiple sclerosis bike ride from Hammond, Louisiana, to Percy Quin Park, Mississippi, and back.

The hams used the SELARC VHF repeater and the LWARN UHF repeater system to provide communication for safety, logistics, and medical teams along the route on the back-country roads of Louisiana and Mississippi. Event sponsors, staffers, and friends and families of the cyclists as well as the cyclists themselves expressed their appreciation for the work of the ham radio volunteers and were impressed with the capabilities of Amateur Radio, Communications Coordinator Bob Priez, WB5FBS, said.


Pitcairn Island VP6R DXpedition on the Air; Injured Operator Evacuated


Pitcairn Island DXpedition leader Glen Johnson, W0GJ, reports the VP6R team arrived at the South Pacific island on October 17, after the m/v Braveheart anchored offshore. After clearing customs and immigration, the team was transported to the home of Andy Christian, where the DXpedition’s equipment had been shipped well in advance.

“The steep dirt roads were very muddy from lots of recent rains, and had our equipment not been prepositioned, we would have been delayed by several days getting all stations on the air,” Johnson said.

The team is down to 12 operators after one individual fell and suffered several fractures. He was put aboard a supply ship and will be evacuated to Mangareva and on to Papeete. “Naturally we are all disappointed with this situation,” Johnson said. “DXpeditions to remote places are not without risk, and medical care is quite limited at best.” The injured operator was not identified.

Johnson reports that by the end of the first day, the team had erected antennas and put four stations on the air from Christian’s house. In the morning everyone moved to the old radio site to set up more antennas and stations at what will be VP6R’s primary low-band site. “The DX Engineering 160-meter falling derrick vertical is almost full-size and generated huge pileups that night, with 700 stations in the log!” Johnson enthused. Everything else was set up by Saturday, and the DXpedition team settled into its operating routine.

“Pitcairn has power from 8 AM until 10 PM,” Johnson explained. “After 10 PM, we switch to generators until morning. The Radio Site is 100% generator powered.”

By the end of the UTC day Sunday, VP6R had logged more than 16,000 contacts, including several 6-meter moonbounce contacts.

The weather has cooperated with pleasant temperatures, Johnson said. “When it rains, which is often, the dirt roads become ‘the world’s friendliest mud,’ as the residents call it, making travel between the two sites somewhat treacherous.” VP6R will be on 20 meters around the clock, often with more than one mode, with the goal of giving Pitcairn Island as a new one to everyone. VP6R will be on the air on all bands during the CQ World Wide DX phone event, October 25 – 26.

The VP6R team has reported that’s it’s experiencing some timing issues with FT8, which is being used in Fox & Hound mode. “With good conditions, at times we have been able to sustain nearly 400 Qs/hour, working five stations simultaneously.” Johnson said. VP6R said on its website that anyone in doubt of their contact should work the DXpedition again.


ARRL Creates New Online Groups for Members to Communicate with Leadership


ARRL’s Committee on Communication with ARRL Members has opened new online forums where all radio amateurs — ARRL members and non-members alike — can discuss issues and topics in two-way conversation with ARRL leadership. The new groups are aimed at enhancing communication among ARRL leadership, staff, members, and prospective members, in a manner that enables timely updates and collegial discussion.

This project was based on the success over the past several years of the ARRL-LoTW (Logbook of The World) Group in responding to Amateur Radio operators’ questions and generating discussion on ways to improve that program. “The LoTW initiative has clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of online Groups as a means of achieving the desired interaction,” ARRL said in announcing the new groups.

ARRL has added three online groups:

  • ARRL-Contesting— moderated by ARRL Contest Advisory Committee Chairman Dennis Egan, W1UE.
  • ARRL-Awards— moderated by ARRL Radiosport and Field Services Manager Bart Jahnke, W9JJ.
  • ARRL-IARU— moderated by IARU Secretary Dave Sumner, K1ZZ.

The existing ARRL-LOTW group, which has about 4,750 members, remains hosted by Groups.io but has moved.

Everyone who subscribes to an ARRL Group is also automatically subscribed to the “ARRL Groups” group. This administrative feature will allow ARRL to convey routine announcements relevant to subscribers of all ARRL groups.

ARRL IT Manager Michael Keane, K1MK, worked with Groups.io to set up the new groups.

In the months ahead, the Committee envisions creating more online groups to support two-way communication focusing on areas of additional interest to radio amateurs, including ARRL activities, services, initiatives, and policies.

ARRL currently hosts members-only online forums that include Awards and Contesting. While these forums will continue to operate, participants will be encouraged to post new threads in the appropriate new groups.

Participants will be expected to adhere to some basic ground rules:

  • All questions are welcome, no matter how many times they have already been asked and answered, or how obvious the answers might be in the documentation.
  • Neither personal attacks nor foul language will be tolerated. Violators will immediately be placed on “moderated” status, meaning their subsequent posts will require Moderator approval until the Moderator’s trust has been regained.
  • Individuals posting are reminded that these forums are open to everyone, including prospective hams and operators who are not ARRL members but may be thinking about joining. Civility and courtesy are expected, even when you may take issue with a post or thread topic.

The Committee on Communication with Members believes that providing more opportunities for two-way discussion between ARRL leadership and the broader Amateur Radio community will assist the organization in truly serving the needs of this community.


FCC Turns Down Petition to Amend Amateur Radio Identification Rules


The FCC has denied a Petition for Rule Making to amend Part 97 station identification rules to better accommodate and simplify station identification during emergency nets, drills, or activations. ARRL member Robert A. Dukish, KK8DX, of Canfield, Ohio, had sought a change to Section 97.119(a) of the rules to allow a single point of transmission for station ID on those occasions. He proposed permitting a net control station or other designated participant to announce the call signs of every station taking part in the net or exercise, when tactical call signs often are in use, at 10-minute intervals, using automatic CW identification.

In turning down Dukish’s petition, Scot Stone, the Deputy Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Mobility Division, said commenters overwhelmingly opposed the proposal.

“They argue that the current rule strikes the appropriate balance between the need to identify the source of transmissions and ease of communication,” Stone wrote. “Commenters state that, in their years of experience with amateur emergency communications, the station identification requirement has not proven to be a burden or obstacle, and that the current procedure actually contributes to efficient operations by providing a clear indication that a communication has ended and the channel is available.”

Stone said some commenters asserted that Dukish’s proposed procedure would be unworkable and cause confusion, while others characterized his proposal as a solution in search of a problem.

“The purpose of the station identification requirement is to make the source of transmissions clearly known to those receiving those transmissions,” Stone wrote. “Separating the call sign from each transmission would defeat this purpose.” Moreover, he said there’s no evidence that the current station ID requirements have hindered Amateur Radio emergency communications.

Dukish had filed his petition in December 2018, and the FCC invited comments on it in February 2019





Scott, W5WZ, is the President of the Louisiana Contest Club and would like your opinions to help increase participation in the Louisiana QSO Party. He’s prepared a survey for both in-state and out-of-state amateurs that will help guide the event to greater success, and would appreciate responses from any and all.



October Book Give Away Winners:

Affiliated Club: Ascension Amateur Radio Club.
ARRL Member: Glen Strecker KG5CEN.



Sessions   QNI   QTC   QTR

  1.           411 21.      398



Jimmy Lewis/AB5YS

Louisiana Section Traffic Manager



  1. ARRL Section: Louisiana
  2. Month: September
  3. Year: 2019
  4. Total number of ARES members: 425
  5. Number of DECs/ECs reporting this month: 9
  6. Number of ARES nets active: 58
  7. Number of nets with NTS liaison: 1

9a. Number of exercises & Training sessions:  37   9b. Person hours: 262

10a. Number of Public Service Events:  1   10b. Person hours:  3

11a. Number of Emergency Operations:   0    11b. Person hours:  0

12a. Number of SKYWARN Operations:  0    12b.  Person hours:  0

  1. Totals: 38 / 265.0

Check out the Ascension Airwaves Newsletter at :  http://k5arc.org/main/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Ascension-Airwaves-Sept-2019.pdf


Region 4:

Prayers continue for Herman Campbell KN5GRK who was hospitalized following a fall.


Region 6:

We have learned that our club treasurer, Steve Baillio, KA5HIK, while visiting family in Albuquerque, NM, has had a heart attack.  A heart cath has been done and two stints put in.  As soon as Steve can travel, his son will travel to Albuquerque to bring Steve and his wife back to Alexandria.

When we learn more, we will pass this information on to you.

We ask your prayers for Steve and his family.


Congratulations to CLARC’s own Stacy Sonneland, KG5KGU, for qualifying in August for the ARRL Certificate of Code Proficiency!  This certificate recognizes his merit and progress in Morse code proficiency in words per minute.

Please see page 99 in the October 2019 issue of QST Magazine.  Also see the attached document under August.

Great job, Stacy!

73 and thanks to everyone.


KW5LC, Secretary



Region 7:

Effective September 15, 2019 ICS 300 was changed by FEMA and Emergency Management Institute (EMI) with a new updated two-day resident in class course.  The good news is our office once again was recertified to teach the course. We received not only state certification (LA Governor’s Office of Homeland Security), but also passed the national recertification test administered by FEMA-EMI.  From September 15, 2019 forward we may once again continue our efforts to improve Incident Command and Unified Command by holding our own ICS 300 & 400 courses.  One good news of this new version of ICS 300 & 400, is ICS 400 will now only be a one day course!   Please see the following schedule of courses we plan to offer (As always if your agency needs an additional course “on site” remember we can come to you):

These courses are available to any first responder or agency that works with Bossier Unified Command daily or during disasters (state agencies, VOAD partners and of course BAFB, Camp Minden & US Navy/USMC staff).


ICS 300

DATE: Nov 25-26 2019,

TIME: 8:00am


1511 Doctors Drive Bossier City, LA 7111

ICS 400

DATE: Dec 3, 2019

TIME:  8:00am


1511 Doctors Drive Bossier City, LA 7111


ICS 300

DATE: Dec 10-11, 2019,

TIME: 8:00am


1511 Doctors Drive Bossier City, LA 7111

ICS 400

DATE: Dec 12, 2019

TIME:  8:00am


1511 Doctors Drive Bossier City, LA 7111


ICS 300

DATE: Dec 17-18, 2019,

TIME: 8:00am


1511 Doctors Drive Bossier City, LA 7111

ICS 400

DATE: Dec 19, 2019

TIME:  8:00am


1511 Doctors Drive Bossier City, LA 7111

ICS 300 & 400 Requirements (BOHSEP Uses Walk In Registration Process – No Pre-registration Required )             

   ICS 300                                                                                 ICS 400

Bossier EOC 1511 Doctors Drive

Bossier City, LA 71111

COL Gene Barattini (Ret) LEM, MEM, CHPP

Bossier Office of Homeland Security

&  Emergency Preparedness

Deputy Director

1511 Doctors Drive

Bossier City, LA 71111

EOC:   318-425-5352



Region 9:

The SELARC “Hamster”

*Serving Amateur Radio Since 1974*

Published Monthly by the Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club Inc.
P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404
Visit our website: www.selarc.org

Vol. 46, No. 10 ………………………….. October 2019

Hammond VE Group – ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room “B” of the North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee. Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact n5xes@arrl.net or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.

AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program for contacts 3/3/19 to 12/31/19

Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for October go out to – Bill KB5SKW, Ed KE5GMN, Allen W5EGG, and Ralph K5CAV. If we missed your birthday, then please let us know.

Get Well Soon —

Best wishes for continued recuperation go to SELARC members Tom Simpson N5HAY and Homer Jones KA5TRT. We look forward to hearing you on the air!

VE Session Results

Congratulations to the following ham on his upgrade to Extra!
Michael O. Jackson / KI5GGP – Covington, La.

Thank you once again, to all the VEs’ who show up to make this possible!!


**I attended the Chattanooga, TN Hamfest this past weekend for the Delta Division/TN D-Star Convention.  The hamfest was very well attended and I was made to feel right at home by all the folks up there.  The weather was good and nice and cool.  The event was held on a Friday afternoon and all day Saturday with many interesting and well attended forums.  The forums I attended was as follows:


APRS given by Dr. Gary Eiff W3GME

ARRL: On-the-Air in the 21st Century by Dan Henderson N1ND ARRL Regulatory Manager

D-Star:  given by Ed Woodrick WA4YIH

ARRL:  Moving the ARRL into the future by CEO Howard Michel WB2ITX

ARRL:  Delta Division Update by David Norris K5UZ


There was a D-star dinner held at a local restaurant for those interested in D-star to gather and exchange information; it was very well attended.


Longtime TN Section Manager Keith Miller N9DGK was honored as he plans to retire at the end of this year.  I especially wanted to attend the hamfest to tell Keith how much his friendship and guidance has meant to me over the past 2 years.  Keith has had some personal and family health issues and needs to step away form the SM job and devote more time to these things….Keith was presented with a plaque by the TN Section.  There is currently an election in the TN section for that position.


Some of the topics presented by David Norris were from the most recent ARRL Board meeting in July:

  • Made steps to support change in symbol rate
  • New Amateur Auxiliary Program advances
  • Looking at Life Membership & Dues rates
  • Banned robot contacts in contests
  • Banned robot contacts for DXCC credit
  • Added QRP category to RTTY Roundup
  • Voted to add Saudi Arabi & Seychelles to IARU
  • Moved to strengthen vendor/mfg. relationships
  • Created the Research UPDATED ARES PROGRAM Working Group
  • Advanced the EmComm Director title


**Congratulations to our 2019 ARRL Louisiana Section Amateur of the Year Jaclyn L. “Jackie” Price KA5LMZ! Jackie, who is the R4 St. Mary Parish EC was nominated by Herman Campbell KN5GRK who sent a long list of reasons why he was nominating her. We will meet with Jackie in November to present her plaque. **


**Please continue to keep ASM Mike McCrary WB5LJQ in your prayers as he continues to heal from back surgery!


Upcoming Hamfests:

11/02/2019 | Greater New Orleans Ham Fest

Location: Harahan, LA
Sponsor: Crescent City Amateur Radio Group
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2044282109131267/


12/21/2019 | MARA Christmas Hamfest

Location: Minden, LA
Sponsor: Minden Amateur Radio Assoc
Website: http://n5rd.org


01/18/2020 | 39th Annual Hammond Hamfest

Location: Hammond, LA
Sponsor: Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Website: http://www.selarc.org


**Our next drawing for the monthly book giveaway will be here soon!


Hoping everyone has a good start to November; be safe out there and have fun!