Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter June/July 2018

Greetings to all Louisiana ARRL Members! As you all know Hurricane
season began June 1st.  So far, we have had a quiet beginning and thank
goodness for that.
SILENT KEYS:  Our sincere condolences to the families.
Gerald Harking K5NCE
Clark Ruffner KE5LS
Chauncy Patterson W5CSP
Richard Teague K5BTP
Emerson Oaks K5CET
Calvin Bajon WB5CIH
James Mouille KJ5W
Fred Cook KE5LP
James Scott K5AFB
Jimmie L. Reeves N8OVD
NEW HAMS:  Welcome to the hobby!
Bryan P France, KG5ZRI
Brandon M Pierce, KG5ZVA
Conny I Tippett, KG5ZUZ
Gerard T Blanchard, KG5ZQE
Jordon G Gallacher, KG5ZPP
Ronald J Naquin, KG5ZPQ
Corey D Bordelon, KG5ZUR
Bradley T Miller, KG5ZSF
Christopher K Raymond, KI5ABN
Geoffrey R Garrett, KG5ZOD
Landon K Thornhill, KG5ZPC
Jimmy E Walters, KG5ZYM
John R Day, KG5ZPH
George C Gaiennie, KG5ZRL
Jerry S Wyles, KG5ZRJ
Michael J Danner, KI5AKL
Janice W Liang, KI5AKN
Timothy J Wilkerson, KI5AIO
Lindsay J Sullivan, KI5AKO
Patrick J Brady, KI5AKP
Mark P Dauer, KI5AKM
Ralph J Griffin, KI5AIN
Michael W Guzman, KI5AIL
Michael H Delee, KI5AIM
Elisha B Wilson, KI5ADM
Brian A Tarver, KI5AFY
Sean A Dixon, KI5AJY
Ian J Carney, KI5AJW
Phillip L Carney, KI5AJX
Donald W Ward, KI5AJV
Ronald J Bertucci, KI5AGS
Anthony W Miller, KI5AHX
Anthony W Ficklin, KI5AHW
Mikle B Schwaller, KI5ADL
Aaron P Ryan, KI5AHZ
Daiwei Lu, KI5AHQ
Kennedy A Lee, KI5AHY
Kenneth C Loftin, KI5ANX
LICENSE UPGRADES:  Congratulations!
David E Warren, N5YCP
Glenn H Bourgeois, KG5ZEA
William C Roy, KG5WBL
Jeffrey J Tircuit, N5SOE
Robert W Stoll, KG5ZMQ
Scott J Kropog, N5WWY
Michael G Tranchina, WD5CVN
Frank T Palermo, KG5UUN
NEW/RENEWED ARRL MEMBERS:  http://www.arrl.org/membership
Report for 2018-06-04:  Welcome/Welcome back!!
Rudy P Reboul, N5YIC
Joseph L S St Amant, N4TSU
Conny I Tippett, KG5ZUZ
Gerard T Blanchard, KG5ZQE
Trent M Hernandez, KD5PCM
Ronald J Naquin, KG5ZPQ
Laura Leblanc, AB5YP
Irma L Bookter, KE5UPK
Terry L Reeves, KE5OTL
Reuben S Bienvenu, KE5UPJ
Scott A Menard, N5MEG
James W Smith, KG5WES
Steven T Schuler, K5LSX
Robert W Stoll, KG5ZMQ
James E Ogden, KG5BTN
Mitchell I Neill, KG5OIF
Jerry S Wyles, KD5JSW
Henry L Berchak, KG5GTQ
Mark P Dauer, KI5AKM
Jeffrey Farmer, KG5ZFV
Heather M Glass, K6HEY
Dennis V Raymond, KD5EWE
Raymond Costilla, N5KIR
Christopher K Raymond, KI5ABN
Alva L Whittington, KD5RET
Dennis J Stallings, KE5OT
Cheryl Ellis, KA5VOP
John W Odum, K5JWO
Charles E Lee
Neal A Jaber, KG5LWP
William Z Spivey, KD5NAE
Wendy Manuel, KG5MVJ
WX4NHC Station Test “Very Successful”
The annual on-the-air station test of WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station
at the National Hurricane Center in Miami on Saturday, May 26, was
“very successful,” Assistant WX4NHC Coordinator Julio Ripoll, WD4R,
reported. Among the guest operators was the new NHC Director, Ken
Graham, WX4KEG.
“All of our radios and antennas worked well,” Ripoll said. “Even
with our equipment maintenance, software updates, we were able to make
over 150 contacts nationwide, including stations in the Caribbean and
South America.” Ripoll said a few dozen contacts were made on the
EchoLink Hurricane Practice Net, thanks to Rob Macedo, KD1CY, and the
VoIP Hurricane Net team.
Several contacts were made on the Florida SARNET, which links more than
25 UHF repeaters statewide, including many emergency operations centers,
Ripoll said. “We also received dozens of weather reports from stations
using HF Winlink
President Nominates Enforcement Bureau Official to FCC
Acting on a recommendation from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,
President Donald Trump has nominated FCC Enforcement Bureau Assistant
Chief Geoffrey Starks to fill the Commission’s sole open seat. If
confirmed by the US Senate, Starks would fill the seat vacated by Mignon
Clyburn. Both are Democrats. Republican nominees have a 3-2 advantage on
the FCC, which is headed by Chairman Ajit Pai. Starks’ term would end
in 2022. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is the other Democrat on the
An attorney who holds degrees from Harvard University and Yale Law
School, Starks has worked in government for most of his career and
joined the FCC staff in late 2015. Before taking his current job in the
Enforcement Bureau, Starks worked for the Justice Department.
Rosenworcel congratulated Starks on his nomination and said he would be
“a welcome addition” to the Commission. “I look forward to working
with him to advance the public interest and ensure that everyone has
access to modern communications and a fair shot at 21st-century
success,” she said. “In the meantime, I wish him a speedy
Clyburn called Starks “a sharp communications attorney committed to
public service.”
Republican Commissioner Michael O’Rielly said of Starks, “I know he
will bring a new voice to important debates before the Commission. I
look forward to getting to know him and working beside him in this new
capacity, pending consideration of the nomination by the US Senate.”
FCC Denies Petition Aimed at Preventing Interference from Digital
Repeaters to Analog Repeaters
The FCC has turned away a Petition for Rulemaking from a Michigan radio
amateur that asked the Commission to amend Section 97.205 of the Amateur
Service rules to ensure that repeaters using digital communication
protocols do not interfere with analog repeaters. Charles P. Adkins,
K8CPA, of Lincoln Park, had specifically requested that discrete analog
and digital repeaters be separated either by distance or frequency and
that digital repeaters be limited to 10 W output, the FCC recounted in
its June 1 denial letter, released over the signature of Scot Stone, the
deputy chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Mobility
Division. According to the letter, Adkins had characterized digital
repeaters as “a major annoyance” to analog repeater operators.
“In 2008, we rejected a suggestion to amend Section 97.205(b) to
designate separate spectrum for digital repeaters in order to segregate
digital and analog communications,” the FCC said in its letter to
Adkins. “We noted that when the Commission has previously addressed
the issue of interference between amateur stations engaging in different
operating activities, it has declined to revise the rules to limit a
frequency segment to one emission type in order to prevent interference
to the operating activities of other Amateur Radio Service
The FCC told Adkins that current Part 97 rules already address the
subject of interference between amateur stations, prohibiting, among
other things, willful or malicious interference to any radio
communication or signal, and spelling out how interference disputes
between repeaters should be handled.
“You have not demonstrated any changed circumstances or other reason
that would warrant revisiting this decision,” the FCC concluded.
“Consequently, we dismiss your petition.”
The FCC did not assign a rulemaking petition (RM) number to Adkins’
petition nor invite public comments.
ARRL Foundation Announces Two New Scholarships
The ARRL Foundation has announced two new scholarships available to
young radio amateurs to support their post-secondary education, bringing
the total number of scholarships the Foundation administers to 81. The
new scholarships have been endowed by the East Coast Amateur Radio
Service (ECARS) and the Palomar Amateur Radio Club (PARC). Applicants
for the ECARS scholarship must be performing at a high academic level
and pursuing full-time studies at a 2-year vocational school or 4-year
undergraduate degree-granting institution, with no restrictions on the
applicant’s field of study.
ECARS Scholarship applicants must be between 17 and 25 years old at the
time of the award and reside in the general ECARS coverage area, which
includes the ARRL Atlantic, Great Lakes, Hudson, New England, and
Roanoke Divisions (Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland/DC,
Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North
Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont,
Virginia, and West Virginia).  The scholarship award will be $1,000
annually. ECARS will submit an annual contribution for its scholarship.
Applicants for the PARC scholarship must be high school seniors
performing at a high academic level and accepted at an accredited
college, university, junior college, or a vocational-technical school in
the US. They should demonstrate activity and interest in radio service
or technical proficiency by participating in some form of radio-related
activity, such as emergency communications, equipment construction, or
community service. Preference will go to applicants who live in San
Diego or Imperial counties, California. Applicants are encouraged to be
members of PARC.
The scholarship award(s) will be $1,000 annually, with the first
scholarship awarded in 2019. The PARC Scholarship Fund Committee will
determine the number of scholarships to be awarded each year. The PARC
scholarship is endowed with a $25,000 gift from the club.
Eagles Guitarist Joe Walsh, WB6ACU, Promotes Amateur Radio in Media
Announcements – Legendary rock guitarist Joe Walsh, WB6ACU, of the
Eagles is featured in a just-released set of ARRL audio and video public
service announcements promoting Amateur Radio. ARRL will provide the 30-
and 60-second PSAs to Public Information Officers (PIOs) to share with
their Section’s television and radio stations. The ARRL Media and Public
Relations Department also will provide these announcements files
directly to interested television and radio outlets, and the
announcements are available for downloading from the ARRL website for
members to use in promoting Amateur Radio at club meetings and public
presentations, such as ARRL Field Day on June 23-24 (PSAs specifically
for ARRL Field Day also are available). Those PSAs will also be
available for download from the ARRL website, so that members can
present them at club meetings and other public gatherings.
MARS Urging Members to Use Computers that are Isolated from the Internet
– US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) headquarters is
recommending that MARS members “migrate to standalone computer systems
for [MARS] radio operations,” subject to the availability of a dedicated
computer. “These computer systems (or their associated local area
networks) should be ‘air-gapped’ from the internet,” Army MARS
Headquarters Operations Officer David McGinnis, K7UXO, said in a message
to members. “Although not a requirement for membership at this time, we
will continue make this a condition of certain parts of our exercises.”
McGinnis pointed to remarks by Cisco researchers in a recent Ars
Technica article that discussed how hackers “possibly working for an
advanced nation” have infected more than a half-million home and
small-office computers “with malware that can be used to collect
communications, launch attacks on others, and permanently destroy the
devices with a single command.” McGinnis told Army MARS members that
MARS Headquarters does not discuss specific cyber threats with MARS
members or with the public. “We also cannot confirm or deny information
about specific threats,” he said, adding that he had “no specific
knowledge” about VPN Filter malware and no comment on the Cisco report.
For communication exercises this year, MARS established conditions for a
certain portion of the drill that requires use of standalone computer
systems “normally not connected to the internet.” He said used or
refurbished PCs are widely available at low cost and could be dedicated
to serve a standalone function.
ARRL Renews Memorandum of Understanding with SATERN, Promotes
Partnerships at Forum – On May 18 at Hamvention, ARRL and The Salvation
Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) renewed the Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations that spells out how
they will work together in disaster and emergency responses. ARRL
President Rick Roderick, K5UR, signed the MoU on behalf of ARRL on
Hamvention’s opening day. SATERN National Liaison Bill Feist, WB8BZH,
represented SATERN at the signing and delivered a copy of the MoU
already signed by The Salvation Army. ARRL Emergency Preparedness
Manager Mike Corey, KI1U, said ARRL and SATERN have enjoyed a formal
working relationship since 1976, and the MoU was up for renewal. The MoU
“defines the partnership” between ARRL and SATERN and The Salvation
Army, in which ARRL and SATERN agree to work together toward common
goals, particularly in disaster response, Corey said, adding that the
MoU opens the possibility for sharing resources. Corey said ARRL and
SATERN also have agreed to coordinate their disaster response
activities, to eliminate duplication of effort. SATERN meets regularly
on 14.265 MHz SSB, and is activated for extended periods during disaster
and emergency responses. Cooperation was the focus of an ARRL Hamvention
forum, “Building Partnerships,” attended by more than 100 people.
Leading the discussion were Corey and FEMA Community Partnership
Specialist Sarah Byrne, who outlined the four “Cs” of partnerships:
Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination.
CQ World Wide Contest Rules Updated for 2018 Contest Season
CQ has announced that, effective with 2018 contests, some modifications
to the CQ World Wide Contest rules have been developed and approved by
the contest committee.
•    The “busted call/NIL” penalty is reduced from 3× to 2×.
•    Email addresses for log submissions have been removed, and the
committee now “strongly prefers” using web uploads to submit logs.
Paper logs will still be accepted.
•    The 10× penalty for “rubber clocking” with MS/M2 entries has
been eliminated, although the committee “will continue to vigorously
pursue time abuses.”
•    The observer program has been eliminated. “Given the absence of a
reasonable pool of volunteers and supporting funding, the program has
proven to be impractical,” CQ said.
•    The top entry in the “Rookie” category will be awarded on a
one-time-only basis. Previous Rookie winners are ineligible for plaques
in this category.
•    Radio Technology Designed by Radio Amateur Used in Thailand Cave
•    07/12/2018
•    UK radio amateur John Hey, G3TDZ (SK), was the original designer of
special low-frequency radio equipment — the HeyPhone — used in the
recent cave rescue in Thailand. Al Williams, WD5GNR, reported in
Hackaday that the British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC) was asked for its
help and equipped the rescuers with HeyPhones. The HeyPhone is “now
considered obsolete, but is still in service with some teams,”
Williams wrote. The radio transmits on USB at 87 kHz, which can
penetrate deep into the ground, typically via electrodes driven into the
•    In a 2018 update, the British Cave Research Association (BCRA) Cave
Radio & Electronics Group (CREG) HeyPhone Cave Rescue Communication page
called the HeyPhone “a pioneering development in cave radio” that
“can no longer be recommended for construction.” Several successor
products — including the Nicola Mark III, which has been tested by the
BCRC — have been developed.
ARES E-LETTER JULY 2018    http://www.arrl.org/ares-el?issue=2018-07-18
ARES® Continues Move Toward Enhanced Training, Paperless Reporting
As part of upgrades to the ARES® program, ARRL will phase out
traditional hard-
copy report forms later this year in favor of an online system, ARES®
a new volunteer management, communication, and reporting system. The
system, in beta testing since March in four ARRL sections with large
organizations, will allow ARES members to log information for ARRL Field
Organization handling but does not change how ARES serves partner
organizations. ARES training also is due for enhancement.
At the Hamvention®ARRL Membership Forum in May, Great Lakes Division
Director Dale Williams, WA8EFK, who chairs the ARRL Public Service
Enhancement Working Group, discussed dramatic changes occurring among
agencies in the emergency/disaster response sector and the transition
ARES Connect. In his presentation, “ARES Advances into the 21st
Century — a New Program, a New Mission,” Williams outlined the
vision for an ARES comprised of organized, trained, qualified, and
credentialed Amateur Radio operators who can provide public service
partners with radio communication expertise, capability, and capacity.
Goals include aligning the ARES organizational structure with the
National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System
(ICS). Emergency Coordinators (ECs) will continue to lead local ARES
teams during an incident, with support from District and Section
Emergency Coordinators.
Changes would encompass additional mandatory training to include ARRL
Emergency Communications courses and the now-standard FEMA NIMS/ICS
courses IS-100, 200, 700, 800, with IS-300 and 400 for higher levels.
Other specialty training could include SKYWARN and agency-specific
Training levels attained would dovetail with three new levels of ARES
participation: Level One would be comprised of all entering the program
with no training, while progressing through the ARRL emergency
communications training and the FEMA Independent Study courses 100, 200,
700, and 800.
Level Two would be attained upon successful completion of these courses,
and would be considered the “Standard” level for ARES participants.
Level Three would be attained upon completion of the advanced FEMA
courses IS 300 and 400, which would qualify candidates for ARES
leadership positions.
Level One participants would be able to fulfill most ARES duties, with a
target of attaining Level Two in 1 year. Level Two, the standard
participant level, would permit participant access to most incident
sites and
emergency operations centers (EOCs). Level Three would convey full
access as granted by the authority having jurisdiction, plus
qualification for ARES leadership. It’s been proposed that ARRL
provide a basic ARES ID, which would convey recognition of registration
with ARES nationally and indicate level of training but convey no
guarantee of site access. The authority having
jurisdiction in an incident could grant an additional ID/pass for site
The ARRL Headquarters staff is undergoing training in ARES Connect
administration, with group registration under way and IDs assigned.
ARES-related publications also are being updated, along with an ARES
strategic plan and introductory announcement. An article on ARES
enhancements — once they have been approved by the ARRL Board of
Directors — is set to appear in the September 2018 issue of QST.
— Thanks to Rick Palm, K1CE/ARES/E-LETTER.
LA Section Monthly ARES Reports:
May 2018
Number of exercises & training sessions this month: 46 for 608 Hours.
Number of public service events this month: 5 for 141 hours.
No emergency or Skywarn events in May.
51 total events for 749 hours.
June 2018
33 Active nets
Number of exercises & training sessions this month: 20 for 261 hours.
Number of public service events this month: 1 for 14 hours.
No emergency or Skywarn operations in June.
21 total events for 275 hours.
Please note:
Any suggested changes to the Louisiana Section ARES Emergency
Communications Plan should be sent to AI5B@ARRL.NET by Sunday, July
Jim Coleman, AI5B
Section Emergency Coordinator
From PIC Joe Holland, KB5VJY:
Louisiana Delta Radio Club is Now an Official ARRL affiliated Club.
THE LA ARES 80m net is on 3.878 every Sunday night at 7:30 PM all
amateur radio operators that can operate on that frequency are more than
welcome to check in.
Louisiana DMR net is on Talkgroup 3122 (All Louisiana) on Wednesday’s
at 8:00 pm.
ARK-La-Tex D-Star net is on Tuesday’s Starting at 7:30pm on Ref48B.
FROM STM Jim Lewis, AB5YS:
    12            160    15    136
    12              138    19      147
Jim invites everyone to check-in to the Louisiana Traffic Net on 3.910
LSB every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday(beginning in August) at
Communications support for the Cajun Cup race (downtown Lafayette) and
the Veterans Day Special Event SW Veterans Home, Jennings, LA are both
scheduled for November 10th.  Since the Cajun Cup race is a VHF event
that usually ends by lunch time and the Veterans Day Special Event is an
all-day HF, it was decided that any conflicts would be minimal.
Therefore, both events remain on the calendar as scheduled. Members
interested in supporting the Cajun Cup race let the club leadership know
so they can be put on the list for participation. The Avery Island
special event commemorating the 150th anniversary of Tabasco Sauce is
scheduled for May 19th & 20th.
The club communications and antenna trailers will be deployed at the
Tabasco visitor center on Avery Island.
D-Star Forum: Keith Barns W5KB gave the group an overview of the
upcoming D-Star forum to be held May 5th at the Lafayette Science Museum
(LSM). There are ~65 persons scheduled to attend including
those presenting information at the forum. Registration for the event
includes a shirt, meal and chance to win one of several D-Star radios
and ARRL gift certificates to be given away. A 70 cm UHF D-Star module
will be temporarily installed at the LSM for potential use during the
forum. Keith stated D-Star implementation is increasing across the Gulf
Coast area.  He  also  stated  that  the  owners  of  the  existing
KF5ZUZ  D-Star repeater in St. Martinville, LA are interested in
obtaining club assistance
to relocate the repeater to a higher site to increase its usage.  Dave
Kleinatland KE5BMS resides in Carencro and is working on getting his
WD5TR  UHF  D-Star  repeater  fully  functional. Dave is also the
administrator for the KF5ZUZ repeater. Anyone seeking D-Star related
information is encouraged to contact Dave at ke5bms@ke5bms.com.
LARC Club Newsletter
June 2018
AARA Monday Night 2 Meter Net Rotation
Beginning January 1, 2018, the net will not rotate between
repeaters but the Net Controllers will rotate each week and held on the
146.820 W5DDL repeater only. During 2018, if you check into the net you
will receive one (1) point, and if you stay for the 73 round, you will
receive an extra point
for a total of two (2). At the end of 2018, persons with the top score
will receive a nice prize from the club. In case of a tie, a drawing
will be held to chose a winner.
In case of a repeater failure, the alternate receiver will be the W5EXI
The July 2018 schedule can be downloaded and printed in Adobe Acrobat
.PDF from the club website
Each Tuesday night at 7:00 PM (local), the Region 4 ARES / SkyWarn
Net will take place on the 145.370 SkyWarn repeater in Lafayette. Net
Control Operators will alternate each week. You do not have to be a
member to participate. In case the 145.370 repeater fails, the net will
be held on the 146.820 W5DDL repeater PL Tone 103.5.The July schedule
can be found at this link: http://www.w5ddl.org/clubsite/news/htm
When using the SkyWarn 145.370 repeater, be sure to use the receiver
PL Tone for your area as follows: NW Quadrant 114.8 – NE Quadrant 127.3
– SW Quadrant 141.3 – SE Quad-rant 94.8 – Central 103.5.
Tour de Teche
October 5-7
Rice Festival – Crowley
Cajun Cup
November 10
Veterans Day
November 10
Test Session Results
26 June 2018
We had a test session at the Lafayette Science Museum for the folks
the Technician Class. It was fairly successful in as much as there were
who came out with a General Class.
Those earning a Technician License were: Keith Faulk; Andre L. LeMaire;
Charlene C. Chauvin & husband Albert J. Chauvin; Wilton J. Meaux; Paul
T. Holcomb; and Benjamin Crosier. Those earning General were: Blaire A.
Michel; Jess E. Crosier of Cade; Michael A. Cavell of Youngsville; and
Jeff P. LeBlanc.
The Ves in attendance were: Greg ~ K5LFT, Dave ~ N5ELM, John ~
W4HVH, 7 Galen ~ KF5BET.
It was a very good evening & I believe we will have some repeat
customers in the near future. Much thanks to the VEs for their always
wonderful assistance, & Congratulations to all the new HAMS.
LARC Club Newsletter
July 2018
SELARC ARES Members Honored
At the Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Association’s Annual
Membership Awards Luncheon in Baton Rouge on May 16th, Region 9 ADEC Ed
Mason, KE5GMN, and Tangipahoa EC Pat Mason, KE5KMM, received a
Dedication Award for Outstanding Service in Emergency Preparedness.
Congratulations and Thanks to both of them for their service to amateur
radio and our communities!
VP8STI/VP8SGI trip to South Sandwich and S. Georgia Islands presentation
by David Assaf III W5XU at the June 12th SELARC meeting — don’t miss
this one!
Field Day 2018 will be June 23-24 at the SELARC club station in the
Ponchatoula Community Center. Lyle Wales KD5JRY will head up
preparations for FD and invites you to participate.
Hammond VE Group – ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of
each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room “B” of the
North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee.
Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact
n5xes@arrl.net or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.
Happy Birthday!!
Birthday wishes this June go to Dean Melancon KG5AAE, Scott Hernandez
KD5PCK, James Redmond K5QNT, Lambert Michel KG5DDW and Jason Liuzza
K5WDH! If we missed your birthday, please let us know.
Best wishes for a speedy recuperation go to Carmen Bray KF5VXO, Al Baker
KF5IBW, Sandy Blaize W5TVW, James Redmond K5QNT and Ken Brown WB7NCW. We
hope you are “up and about” and get back on the air real soon!
In Sympathy –
Our condolences go to the families and friends of two former SELARC
John Braud KB5UV passed away on May 21 at the age of 65. Among his many
talents, John was an attorney, musician and benefactor of various causes
in our area.
Henry (H.P.) Forbes KC5KJ passed away on May 22 at the age of 91. He was
a retired US Navy Captain, served in the LA Air National Guard where he
retired with the rank of Colonel, and was an active businessman and
supporter of many civic and cultural events in Hammond. Among his many
survivors is son Harold C. Forbes N5JCM.
Congratulations to the following new Hams from the May VE session:
Technician: Mikle Schwaller – Prairieville
Eli Wilson – Covington
FROM: THE SELARC “HAMSTER” June 2018 edition
Happy Birthday!!
Birthday wishes in July go to Michael Mason KE5KMH! If we missed your
birthday, please let us know.
Best wishes for a speedy recuperation go to Al Baker KF5IBW, Sandy
Blaize W5TVW, James Redmond K5QNT and Ken Brown WB7NCW. We hope you are
“up and about” and get back on the air real soon!
In Sympathy –
Condolences go to SELARC members George AE5FK and Joseph KG5HZU Swan on
the loss of their sister-in-law Elizabeth Swan of Bossier City.
Elizabeth passed away on June 30 and was the wife of Ray Swan.
Tyke’s TidBits —
Well, FD 2018 is in the history books, for better or worse, it got
done!! I think the total number of contacts was 218. Band conditions
weren’t bad, great operating location, good weather and plenty of radio
equipment to do the job, and best of all…the food…fried speckled
trout, tater salad and a big ol’ pot of home cooked white beans! Many
thanks to Lyle and Pat for providing the food.
The Dxpedition presentation after the June meeting was well attended by
the membership also. David did a great job! I hope ya’ll enjoyed it.
Jerry W5NJJ was in attendance and it was good to see him!!
C’ya’ll at the club meeting at the PCC. We are about due for an eating
meeting, so think of a place we can go and throw your idea into the
73, Tyrone Burns N5XES, President
VE Session Results…
Congratulations to the following new Hams and Upgrades from the VE
session of June 29 in Hammond:
Technician: Robert K. McCants – Baton Rouge
Lazaro Naredo – Franklinton
General: Mary Matamoros, KF5AXR – New Orleans Eli Wilson – Covington
FIELD DAY 2018 Report —
I want to thank everyone who participated in Field Day. We had a good
turnout. The food and drinks were great. Fried Speckled Trout, homemade
white beans, potatoe salad, and snacks kept everyone fueled up to
continue making contacts.
We had six antennas up and several hf radios. We made a total of 218
contacts. The logs have been submitted to ARRL.
Lyle Wales KD5JRY, FD Chairman
FROM: THE SELARC “HAMSTER” July 2018 edition
07/21/2018 | Slidell EOC Hamfest
Location: Slidell, LA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Ozone Amateur Radio Club
08/11/2018 | Shreveport Bossier Hamfest
Location: Shreveport, LA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Shreveport Amateur Radio Association
11/10/2018 | The Greater New Orleans Ham Fest
Location: Harahan, LA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Crescent City Amateur Radio Group
July 2018
14-15  IARU HF World Championship
August 2018
4-5  222 MHz and Up Distance Contest
18-19  10 GHz & Up – Round 1
19        Rookie Roundup – RTTY
September 2018
8-10      September VHF
15-16    10 GHz & Up – Round 2
29-30    EME – 2.3 GHz & Up
October 2018
15-19  School Club Roundup
27-28  EME – 50 to 1296 MHz
Club Corner:
This is YOUR corner of the newsletter. Send me what your club is doing
and I’ll make sure that it gets in. Got a special event or club
project that you
want everyone to know about? Send it to me!
Let me know what you club is up to. Are you going to have a special
guest at
your meeting or are you having a special anniversary? Just sent it to
Both Michael R. McCrary, Jr, K5TNK and his brother Corey McCrary, W5MMC
have returned safely to the US from overseas deployment.
If you have anyone you would like to see mentioned please let me know.
We want to thank all of our service men and women for their sacrifices.
I plan to send out a newsletter in August and have as much Field day
coverage etc….as possible….so please look for that!
ARRL Louisiana Section
Section Manager: John Mark Robertson, K5JMR