Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter August 2018

Louisiana Section Manager’s Newsletter August 2018
      Summer is in full swing and I hope everyone has managed to stay
as cool as possible.
Broox Owen N5NS
Joseph Lodato W5IIA
Matthew Haggard KD5Buu
Report for 2018-08-02
Kenneth C Lods, KI5BBQ
David H Liang, KI5BBR
Robert J Jourdan, KI5BBM
Christopher J Landry, KI5ASL
Andre P Granier, KI5BBO
Gillian C Decossas, KI5BBN
Lee S Whatley, KI5BBT
Henry J Kern, KI5BBL
Lazaro A Naredo, KI5APR
Jeffrey P Sanders, KI5BBP
Andre L Lemarie, KI5ARU
Albert J Chauvin, KI5ART
Charlene C Chauvin, KI5ARV
Lawrence F Lemarie, KI5AVC
Keith M Faulk, KI5ARP
Wilton J Meaux, KI5ARS
Benjamin Crosier, KI5ARQ
Paul T Holcomb, KI5ARR
Blair A Michel, KI5ARZ
Jeff P Leblanc, KI5ARW
Myron C Brown, KI5ARK
Loretta S Greenleaf, KI5ARL
Bruce E Easterling, KI5BBF
Leonard W Belcher, KI5ATU
Kenneth E Russ, KI5ATW
Camille I Humble, KI5AYR
William J Schahn, KI5AYX
Alice S Walters, KI5APW
Report for 2018-08-02
Rudy P Reboul, N5YIC
Charles E Safford, KG5EFK
Mary L Matamoros, KF5AXR
Marilyn M Mitchell, KE5LYC
Jess E Crosier, KI5ARY
Michael A Cavell, KI5ARX
David J Granger, KC5ZEJ
Hewitt C Smith, KG5RFQ
Greg E Parker, KG5UKB
William T Woodside, KA5HVK
Herbert P Brouillette, KD5HHH
Donald W Ward, KI5AJV
Joshua G Reese, KG5PFD
Report for 2018-08-02
Janice W Liang, WA5RDR
Rafael R Shabetai, W5BAI
Mary L Matamoros, KF5AXR
William R Hare, N5DEA
Elliot S Le Normand, KE5VJR
Wilton J Meaux, KI5ARS
Jeff P Leblanc, KI5ARW
Michael A Cavell, KI5ARX
Dustin K Royer, KG5AFX
Paul J Mccrory, KF5MHG
Terry J Martin, KG5MCQ
Gary A Fulton, KG5TBN
James Higdon
Linda V Evans, KG5SXY
Jimmy E Walters, WA5DFW
Donald W Ward, KI5AJV
Jerry A Keeton, WB5LHD
Anyone wishing to inquire on the status of their ARRL membership please
email me direct.
FCC Proposes $18,000 Fine in Louisiana Amateur Radio Interference Case
July 25, 2018
The FCC has issued a Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) proposing to
fine Jerry W. Materne, KC5CSG, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, $18,000
“for apparently causing intentional interference and for apparently
failing to provide station identification on amateur radio
frequencies,” the FCC said.
“Mr. Materne was previously warned regarding this behavior in writing
by the Enforcement Bureau and, given his history as a repeat offender,
these apparent violations warrant a significant penalty,” the FCC said
in the NAL, released on July 25.
In 2017, the FCC received numerous complaints alleging that Materne was
causing interference to the W5BII repeater, preventing other amateur
licensees from using it. In March 2017, the repeater trustee banned
Materne from using the repeater.
Responding to some of the complaints, the Enforcement Bureau issued a
Letter of Inquiry (LOI), advising Materne of the allegations and
directing him to address them. Materne denied causing interference but
admitted to operating simplex on the repeater’s output frequency. In
June 2017, the FCC received an additional complaint alleging that
Materne had repeatedly interfered with an attempted emergency net that
was called up as Tropical Storm Cindy was about to make landfall. The
complaint maintained that Materne “repeatedly transmitted on the
repeater’s input frequency, hindering the local emergency net’s
ability to coordinate weather warnings and alerts on behalf of the
National Weather Service,” the FCC said in the NAL.
Local amateurs were able to track the interfering signal to Materne’s
residence and confirmed their findings to the FCC, prompting a Warning
Letter advising Materne of the complaint and pointing out that his
behavior “as described in the complaint would be a violation of
Section 97.101(d) of the Commission’s rules.” Materne responded to
the Warning Letter to argue that it was legal to transmit on the
repeater’s output frequency, further stating that “he was tired of
this trash harassing me,” the FCC said.
In the wake of further complaints, FCC agents visited Lake Charles,
tracked transmissions on 146.130 MHz to Materne’s residence, and
monitored them for up to 7 hours. The agent reported hearing Materne
“playing music on 146.130 MHz and warning other amateur operators that
the local Amateur Radio club would not be able to conduct their net
later that day.”
That evening, the agent watched as Materne drove to a location near the
W5BII repeater, where, the agent said, Materne “began transmitting an
amateur digital radio signal from a hand-held radio in his vehicle,”
disrupting the net and failing to identify. Subsequently, the agent,
accompanied by a deputy from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office,
approached Materne’s vehicle and confirmed that he possessed a radio
capable of operating on 146.130 MHz. “Audio recordings captured by the
agent demonstrate that the intentional interference ceased as the agent
and the Sheriff’s deputy approached Mr. Materne’s vehicle,” the
FCC said in the NAL.
The FCC said that based on the evidence before it, Materne “apparently
willfully violated Section 333 of the Act and Section 97.101(d) of the
Commission’s rules by intentionally interfering with other licensed
amateur communications,” and that he “apparently willfully violated
Section 97.119(a) of the Commission’s rules by failing to transmit his
assigned call sign.”
“[W]e find that Mr. Materne’s apparent repeated, intentional, and
egregious apparent violations of Section 333 of the Act and Section
97.101(d) of the Commission’s rules warrant an upward adjustment of
$10,000 to the proposed forfeiture,” the FCC said. “In applying the
applicable statutory factors, we also consider whether there is any
basis for a downward adjustment of the proposed forfeiture. Here, we
find none.”
Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club Fires Up 1950s Vintage Gear for
NASA on the Air Special Event
W5RRR, the Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club (JSCARC), is on the
air as part of the NASA on the Air (NOTA) year-long special event —
one of 12 NASA ham club stations participating in the event, which
celebrates significant NASA milestones as the agency observes its 60th
This week, JSCARC members will focus operations on 80, 40, 20, 15, and
10 meters, as well as on satellites. A commemorative 1958 vintage vacuum
tube vintage station will be activated. It pairs a Johnson Ranger
transmitter and Courier amplifier with a Hammarlund HQ-145C receiver,
courtesy of Kenneth Goodwin, K5RG, a JSARC member.
“This station will be used to make CW, SSB, and AM QSOs,” Keith
Brandt, WD9GET, said. “In addition, our other shack radios will use
SSB, FT8, FM, CW, and SSTV to make contacts on all bands.”
A special 60th anniversary QSL card — designed by AB5SS — will be
available with an SASE for contacts made only to JSC Amateur Radio Club,
2101 NASA Rd. 1 M/C AW7, Houston, TX 77058. A certificate is available
for top stations that work modes and bands across the NOTA NASA
ARRL Exhibits for First Time at AirVenture Oshkosh 2018
ARRL has been exhibiting for the first time ever this week at AirVenture
Oshkosh 2018 in Wisconsin. The ARRL exhibit complements other ham radio
demonstrations at the air show. ARRL Marketing Manager Bob Inderbitzen,
NQ1R, is working with a team of members who are supporting the exhibit
at the weeklong aviation celebration and fly-in. The annual event draws
more than 500,000 visitors. Inderbitzen said that by mid-week, the ARRL
guest book was filled with call signs from around the world.
“Cool! ARRL is here! That’s the sentiment shared by hundreds of ham
radio operators who have visited our exhibit at AirVenture this week,”
Inderbitzen said. ARRL Life Member and flight instructor TJ Johnson,
K9KJ, of Munster, Indiana, was among those stopping by the ARRL booth.
He shared his experience of operating aeronautical mobile during ARRL
Field Day with his friend Bob Johnson, W9XY. They made hundreds of radio
contacts from a Cessna 182 aircraft, 7,000 feet above the Wisconsin
countryside. They operated on 20-meter CW using an end-fed wire; they
also made many contacts on 2-meter FM simplex.
Two Amateur Radio Special Event Stations are on the air throughout
AirVenture. Organized annually by the Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club in
Appleton, Wisconsin, W9ZL is set up at KidVenture at the Pioneer Airport
airstrip in Oshkosh. The EAA Warbirds of America AirVenture Celebration
Special Event Station, W9W, is set up near the display of vintage
military aircraft. It celebrates historic aviation achievements,
legendary pilots, and groundbreaking aviation innovations.
The ARRL display also includes an APRS beacon, operating as W1AW-9.
“Many pilots carry small APRS beacons on their aircraft,” said
Inderbitzen. “The beacons are easily tracked by other APRS users, but
also by friends and family who can track the beacons and aircraft
position in real-time on map-based web services such as aprs.fi.”
“Our booth volunteers are also helping direct newcomers to radio clubs
and testing locations,” said Inderbitzen. Those committed to getting
their first Amateur Radio license are able to become ARRL members at
AirVenture and get a free Technician class license manual in the
bargain. ARRL’s booth is located in Hangar B, Booth 2152.
Member Dan Vanevenhoven, N9LVS, from Appleton, Wisconsin — a private
pilot and one of the organizing chairs who oversee the show’s
admission booths — escorted Inderbitzen and ARRL Central Division
Director Kermit Carlson, W9XA, around the sprawling grounds and
airfields where thousands of aircraft have converged for AirVenture. At
least for a week, the fly-in makes Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh
the busiest airport in the world. AirVenture continues through Sunday,
July 29.
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend Welcomes First-Time
Marking its 21st anniversary this year, the International Lighthouse and
Lightship Weekend (ILLW) in August will celebrate Amateur Radio
operation at several lighthouses that will make debut appearances in
this year’s event. So far, 300 groups or individuals have registered
to indicate plans to participate from a lighthouse or lightship during
the 2-day operating activity. Newcomers joining the list of perennials
include the Ashdod and Mount Carmel lighthouses in Israel; Shabla
Lighthouse in Bulgaria; Porthcawl Breakwater in Wales, and Tanjung Datu
in Malaysia. Additional newcomers are in Mexico and Cuba, sponsors
ILLW is always held on the third full weekend in August. This year, it
will get under way at 0001 UTC on August 18 and continue until 2400 on
August 19 — 48 hours in all. The ILLW typically attracts more than 500
lighthouse entries in dozens of countries. Registration is not required
for participation, but it does let other stations know which lighthouses
and lightships will be activated.
Other lighthouses making a first appearance in ILLW include Malarrif in
Iceland and Akmanrags Lighthouse in Latvia. The Lightship Huron on the
St Clair River in Michigan also is a newcomer.
As the ILLW website notes, “August seems to have become the
international weekend for lighthouses.” In the US, August 7 in
National Lighthouse Day, which is marked by Amateur Radio operations at
lighthouses during US National Lighthouse Week. In Britain, the
Association of Lighthouse Keepers conducts International Lighthouse
Heritage Weekend during the third full weekend in August, coinciding
with ILLW.
Sponsors stress that the event is not a contest — and there are no
prizes, certificates, or other enticements to participate. Each
station’s operators decide how they will operate their station with
respect to bands and modes, and participating stations do not have to be
on the air for the entire weekend.
Activity does not need to take place inside the structure itself. A
Field Day-style setup at the light or other building adjacent to the
light is sufficient. Sponsors say the intent of that requirement is to
make the station visible to visitors.
FROM LOUISIANA:  The International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend will
be on the weekend of August 18th & 19th, 2018 from
00.01UTC 18 August to 2400UTC 19 August 2018 (48 hours).
The Morgan City ARC BEARS (Bayou Emergency Amateur Radio Service) will
be operating from the Southwest
Reef Lighthouse (USØ176) Park using the call W5BMC.  We will operate 40
& 20 meters and EchoLink W5BMC-R.
Hours will be Saturday 1700Z to 2200Z and 1700Z to 1900Z Sunday but not
set in stone.
For some reason or other August seems to have become the international
weekend for lighthouses. Countries all over the
world have become involved in one form or another of lighthouse
activity. Some years ago, the United States Congress
declared August 7th as their National Lighthouse Day and during that
first week in August amateur radio operators in
America set up portable stations at lighthouses and endeavor to contact
each other. This event is known as
the US National Lighthouse / Lightship Week.  The Southwest Reef
Lighthouse has been given the designation number
More information can be found at:  https://illw.net/
Captain Cook Commemorative Special Event Set
The Pontefract and District Amateur Radio Society (PDARS) in the UK has
been assigned special event call sign GB250CC (GB25ØCC) to mark the
250th anniversary of the first voyage of explorer Captain James Cook.
PDARS plans to apply for a series of regulatory variances (NOV) to
coincide with key moments in the voyage and hopes to make contacts with
the Pacific Islands that Cook visited 250 years ago. The first NOV for
August 23 will mark Cook’s departure from Plymouth on his first
voyage. Nigel Ferguson, G0BPK, a member of the Captain Cook Society and
of PDARS, said Cook rose from a humble background through the ranks.
“The Royal Society had approached the Admiralty for a ship to sail to
Tahiti and view the Transit of Venus in 1769, a rare astronomical
observation,” Ferguson explained. “The Admiralty insisted that the
captain should be from the Navy, and James Cook was chosen. This was the
first scientific voyage of discovery.” The bark Endeavour set sail on
August 25, 1768. Ferguson expressed the hope that regulator Ofcom will
continue to allow NOVs for GB250CC for the next 3 years. Logs will be
uploaded to Logbook of the World (LoTW).
Visit the GB250CC QRZ.com profile for more details.
ARRL Announces New Contests Web Portal
The ARRL Contest Branch has announced a new ARRL Contests Portal, which
ARRL Contest Branch Manager Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, calls “a one-stop shop
for all of your ARRL contest interests, offering access to everything
from the starting bell of a contest to your post-event hard-fought
certificate of accomplishment.”
Use the navigation tabs on the left to locate information about specific
contests. Use the tabs at the top to submit logs, manage club
eligibility lists, download certificates, and view other information for
all contests. Jahnke said the new portal is still under construction,
and information on specific contests and other contest-related content
is being added every week.
ARRL 2017 Annual Report:
The ARRL Letter
ARRL Contest Update:
August 22, 2018:
August 8, 2018:
LA Section ARES Report for July 2018:
ARES Members: 351
Number of ARES nets active: 44
Number of nets with NTS liaison: 1
Exercises/Training: 21 @ 271 Hours
Emergency Operations: 0/0
Public Events: 1 @ 7 Hours
Skywarn Events: 2 @ 7 Hours
Total:  24 events @ 291 Hours
ARRL ARES SEC Report for July 2018:
ARRL Board of Directors’ Committee Seeks Input for Proposed ARES
Strategic Plan
Following up on an ARRL Board of Directors directive at its July
meeting, the Public Service Enhancement Working Group (PSEWG) has
contacted all ARRL Section Managers (SMs) and Section Emergency
Coordinators (SECs) seeking comments and suggestions regarding the
proposed ARES Strategic Plan, via an online form.The deadline is October
31, in order to give the PSEWG sufficient time to review the comments
and suggestions, formulate any necessary revisions, and submit the
revised document to the Board for consideration at its January meeting.
Created in 1935, ARES has undergone very few changes over the years,
while the agencies ARES serves have undergone many. The PSEWG evaluated
the ARES program for 2 years and drafted several proposed enhancements
aimed at updating the program.
The ARES Strategic Plan introduces changes and a platform for future
growth. For many, this will represent a major paradigm shift; for
others, it will formalize many of the requirements they have employed
routinely for several years.
An independent team of individuals experienced in ARES and emergency
work from across the US has reviewed the proposed plan. Their
suggestions and recommendations were carefully considered, and many were
included in the plan during its development.
Now, the ARRL Board wants SMs and SECs to have the opportunity to offer
comments on the recommended changes prior to implementation of the plan.
While SMs and SECs are invited to reach out to their Emergency
Coordinators (ECs) for their thoughts and feedback, formal responses
must be submitted through SMs and SECs.
The PSEWG asks SMs an SECs to keep their comments respectful, concise,
and on point, and to keep in mind that the ARES framework must remain as
close to universal as possible, even while participants in some
geographical areas may require specific training that others do not
need. Mutual aid pacts may require training specific to adjacent
Also, SMs and SECs are reminded that specific agency agreements and
needs must be honored. Those having concerns about a proposed new policy
are requested to offer alternatives.
12                  110      33      121
Jimmy Lewis/AB5YS
Louisiana Section Traffic Manager
The following is a list of Louisiana Affiliated Clubs: In the order as
listed at ARRL.org….
Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club
Radio Amateur Service Club***
Louisiana Amateur Packet Radio***
Bayou Contest Club***
Delta DX Association***
Southeastern LA University ARC
Acadiana ARA Inc
United Radio Amateur Club***
Jefferson ARC Inc
Bayouland Emergency ARS
New Orleans ARES***
Louisiana Tech Arc***
Ozone ARC
Livingston Ars
Fist & Mouth Contest Company***
Twin City Ham Club
Once a club becomes affiliated, it will always be that unless the club
dissolves or chooses to no be affiliated with the ARRL.  After a two
year period of no one updating the club’s profile at ARRL.org the
status becomes “inactive”. I have placed asterisks on the clubs who
are currently “inactive”. To return the club’s status to
“active” please have someone with your club to go to the following
and update:
PDF Tutorial – http://www.arrl.org/clubs
E-mail clubs@arrl.org with any questions about club updates.
Region 2:  From August 2018 RF New/Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club
Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club PO Box 4004, Baton Rouge, LA 70821 Web:
www.brarc.org Email: brarc@brarc.org
Repeaters: 146.790 – and 444.400 + (PL tone 107.2) Both Yaesu System
Nets: Region 2 ARES Net Sundays 8:00 PM 146.790 (PL tone 107.2)
BRARC Club Net Sundays 8:30 PM 146.790 (PL tone 107.2)
10 Meter Net Mondays 7:30 PM 28.450 MHz USB
Aug 28 (Tues) BRARC Meeting 7:00 PM
Main Library Goodwood Branch
Presenter: Dana Browne, AD5VC
Sept 4 (Tues) BRARC Board Meeting
6:30 PM Bluebonnet Library
Sept 6 (Thurs) Technician Class Begins
6 PM Main Library Goodwood Branch
Sept 13, 20 & 27
Sept 25 (Tues) BRARC Meeting 7:00 PM
Main Library Goodwood Branch
Topic: TBA
Visit the BRARC Website at
www.brarc.org to keep up-to-date
on all the club happenings including
meetings, activities, and classes.
W5KID Operating Schedule USS Kidd
11 Nov Veterans Day
7 Dec Pearl Harbor Day
Times and dates may vary, and will be included in RF News. Operating
times on the weekend are usually 10 AM – 3:30 PM. Sign-up sheets will
be available before the club meetings. Contact Dave Thomas, K5CGX
225.572.7836  If you would like to schedule another date/time to
operate the USS Kidd station, please contact the BRARC Board at
Technician Licensing Class An Amateur Radio Operator Technician
Licensing Class is scheduled to start on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at
the East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library on Goodwood Boulevard. The
classes begin at 6 pm and will be held on Thursdays in the 2nd floor
Technology Lab. The classes will conclude with a VE session on October
25, 2018. There is no fee for the course. The recommended text for the
classes is Stu Turner’s HamRadioSchool.com Technician & General License
Course. Anyone interested in learning about Amateur Radio is welcome to
attend. For information on Amateur Radio visit arrl.org and brarc.org.
LA ARES Region 2 Quarterly Meeting 08.14.18 American Red Cross
The Louisiana ARES Region 2 held its 3rd quarterly meeting at the
Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross on Tuesday evening from
7:00pm to 8:30pm. Region 2 Emergency Coordinator Robert Hobbs, N5ULA,
welcomed amateur radio emergency operators, and thanked Steve Irving,
WA5FKF, Red Cross DST Lead, for hosting the meeting. The purpose of the
meeting was to give fellow operators an update from the major “served
agencies” within Region 2. Those agencies attending included the
American Red Cross, EBRP MOHSEP, and GOHSEP. SkyWarn updates are planned
to be presented at the 4th quarter meeting with EBRP MOHSEP. Steve,
WA5FKF, spoke to the group regarding Red Cross updates where there will
be a National response to Baton Rouge within 120 hours of a major storm
hitting South Louisiana. At 96 hours Steve would be alerting the 16
supervisors within DST as to the event. Steve is actively recruiting
communication personnel for those positions. Robert, N5ULA, gave an
update regarding the status of the radio room at EBRP MOHSEP and
HamShack Hotline that can interface with smartphones. Roger Fabre,
N5NXL, GOHSEP, was introduced by Jim Coleman, AI5B, ARES Section
Emergency Manager. Roger, N5NXL, introduced the link system using
repeaters in Southeast Louisiana along with GOHSEP band plan. Jim
Coleman, AI5B, presented the 2018 LA Section Emergency Operation Plan.
Jim, AI5B, indicated that there is no Command Staff, but rather a
Section staff of volunteers who would be available to assist the Parish
Emergency Coordinator (EC) when called upon to do so. If a Parish does
not have an EC, the Region’s EC would be available to the Parish EOC
if there is a request for amateur radio emergency services. The major
point in the plan is that the request must be initiated by the Parish
EOC Manager for the event or incident. Training: In regards to training,
an EC is recommended to have ICS courses IS100c, IS200b, IS700b, and
IS800c. The online courses are available on the FEMA’s Emergency
Management Institute website, https://training.fema.gov/emi.aspx. Region
ECs and Section level leadership are recommended to have additional
courses IS300 & IS400 which are classroom based. Non leadership
emergency amateur radio operators are not required, but recommended to
have the basis courses, IS100c & IS200b, IS700b, & IS800c. Both Roger,
N5NXL, and Jim, AI5B, shared that a number of the parishes EOCs,
“served agencies”, do require the basic 4 courses to operate in
their respective agency. The consensus of the presenters indicated that
it is important for ARES members to become embedded in their “served
agency” of choice rather than wait for an event or incident. A copy of
Jim’s, AI5B, presentation will be requested to post on the BRARC’s
website. Section Manager John Mark Robertson, K5JMR, was in attendance,
and thanked all who participate in amateur radio emergency services for
their time, money, and work in serving others. – Michael Nolan, KD5MLD
SkyWarn training is scheduled on Tuesday, October 9 at 6:30 PM. Amateur
Radio Emergency Services (ARES) is part of the SkyWarn system with our
National Weather Service. Location: The Mayor’s Office of Homeland
Security and Emergency Preparedness MOHSEP on Harding Blvd – 1 st
floor training room. It is near the Baton Rouge Airport. It will open to
the public and help fulfill a Storm Ready requirement for the
parish/city. We invite everyone to join the Region 2 ARES Net on Sundays
at 8 PM CDT on 146.790 (PL tone 107.2). – Michael Nolan, KD5MLD LA
ARES Region 2, ADEC
Hamshack Hotline is a free dedicated VoIP for ham operators. Its
intended use is to enable the transmission of emergency and/or tactical
traffic when normal radio traffic handling is overloaded or unavailable.
It’s another tool in the bag for emergency operators. Operators can
also be a part of conference bridges that connect hams worldwide in real
time A phone book is available on the website:
http://apps.wizworks.net:9091/. To open an account, you will need to
purchase a SIP capable phone. Then go to the website and open a ticket:
http://apps.wizworks.net:9090/. For FAQs, visit the Hamshack Hotline
website: https://hamshackhotline.com/. Information provided by Robert
Hobbs, N5ULA
Region 4:  From the ARRA Newsletter August 20128
Tour de Teche Sandy Leblanc KE5KJF reported that the 2018 Tour de Teche
canoe race will be held October 5 th – 7 th. Volunteers are needed to
man the New Iberia check point on Saturday morning. Anyone wishing to
assist with this event should contact Sandy. Anyone wishing to operate
their own HF Special Event in conjunction with the race is encouraged to
do so.
Lewis AB5YS, has made a suggestion that the Louisiana Traffic Net that
meets on 3910 KHz on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 1800 hours Central
time, extend the net to include Sunday evenings during the months of
August and September due to these months to be the greatest risks for
Louisiana during hurricane seasons. The idea was hashed around by LTN
members and a vote taken and all agreed it was a good idea. Jim polled
the net members and volunteers were selected to be Net Control Operators
for these extra nets, If this idea takes off, we may carry it on during
other months during the year. Anyone licensed for this frequency is
welcome to check into the net. At times, we may pass NTS Radiogram
traffic and do some message handling training
The International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend will be on the weekend
of August 18th & 19th, 2018 from 00.01UTC 18 August to 2400UTC 19 August
2018 (48 hours). The Morgan City ARC BEARS (Bayou Emergency Amateur
Radio Service) will be operating from the Southwest Reef Lighthouse
(USØ176) Park using the call W5BMC. We will operate 40 & 20 m and
EchoLink W5BMC-R. Hours will be Saturday 1700Z to 2200Z and 1700Z to
1900Z Sunday but not set in stone. For some reason or other August seems
to have become the international weekend for lighthouses. Countries all
over the world have become involved in one form or another of lighthouse
activity. Some years ago, the United States Congress declared August 7th
as their National Lighthouse Day and during that first week in August
amateur radio operators in America set up portable stations at
lighthouses and endeavor to contact each other. This event is known as
the US National Lighthouse / Lightship Week. The Southwest Reef
Lighthouse has been given the designation number USØ176. More
information can be found at: https://illw.net/
Field Day Chris Ancelet gave a review of this year’s Field Day event
held at the farm of Steve Webre AF5VR in Church Point. The club operated
on the 80, 40, 20 & 15 meter bands and logged ~1365 contacts. Steve’s
farm provided a large, low noise environment that allowed the 40 meter
beam to operate without adversely affecting operation on the 20 meter
On behalf of the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc., Herman
Campbell KN5GRK AARA member and SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency
Radio Network) liaison presents a check to Lt. John and Lt. Samantha
McGee officers of the Lafayette Salvation Army. This donation is to help
those in need. Each year the AARA makes a donation to charitable
organizations to help those in need. On average, The Salvation Army
Emergency Services attend an emergency at least once every day of the
year. It responds to people in times of emergency and disaster,
providing assistance such as: refreshments meals, clothing, financial
aid, accommodation, emergency shelters, counseling and responsible
referral. Herman Campbell KN5GRK SATERN Liaison K5LSA (Lafayette
Salvation Army)
REGION 4 ARES / SKYWARN NET Each Tuesday night at 7:00 PM (local), the
Region 4 ARES / SkyWarn Net will take place on the 145.370 SkyWarn
repeater in Lafayette. Net Control Operators will alternate each week.
You do not have to be a ARES member to participate. In case the 145.370
repeater fails, the net will be held on the 146.820 W5DDL repeater PL
Tone 103.5. The July schedule can be found at this link:
http://www.w5ddl.org/clubsite/news/htm When using the SkyWarn 145.370
repeater, be sure to use the receiver PL Tone for your area as follows:
NW Quadrant 114.8 – NE Quadrant 127.3 – SW Quadrant 141.3 – SE Quadrant
94.8 – Central 103.5.
Region 9: From the August “Hamster”
Multiple Sclerosis “Dat’s How We Roll” Bike Tour a 150-mile ride from
Hammond to Percy Quin Park in Mississippi and back will be held on
Saturday, Oct. 6 & Sunday, Oct. 7. Ham radio volunteers to assist with
communications can contact wb5fbs@arrl.net for more information or to
Hammond VE Group – ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of
each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room “B” of the
North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee.
Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact
n5xes@arrl.net or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.
Best wishes for a speedy recuperation from surgery go to Tom Simpson
N5HAY, who at age 96 is still “young”, and to Al Baker KF5IBW who has
been hospitalized. We hope you get back on the air real soon!
Congratulations to the following new Hams and Upgrades from the July VE
session in Hammond:
Technician: Ryan A. Kling – Port Mathilda, PA
General: Pat Mason KE5KMM – Amite
Craig Waggoner, KG5UAQ – Ponchatoula
Many thanks to all the VEs’ who come out to make these session
Congratulations also to Hillary Portier W5DIY who upgraded to General
class license at the Slidell Hamfest!
Tyrone Burns, VE Liaison N5XE
The Louisiana Section had 20 Field day sites listed on the ARRL website;
they were:
The 2018 Field Day results have not been released by the ARRL as of this
posting; and once released I will publish them.
09/29/2018 | ARC of Shreveport Tailgate Party
Location: Shreveport, LA
Sponsor: Amateur Radio Club of Shreveport
10/13/2018 | CLARC HAMFEST
Location: Pineville, LA
Sponsor: Central Louisiana Amateur Radio Club
11/10/2018 | The Greater New Orleans Ham Fest
Location: Harahan, LA
Sponsor: Crescent City Amateur Radio Group
12/15/2018 | MARA Christmas Hamfest
Location: Minden, LA
Sponsor: Minden Amateur Radio Association
Website: http://n5rd.org
01/19/2019 | 38th SELARC Hammond HamFest
Location: Hammond, LA
Sponsor: Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club
ARRL Louisiana Section
Section Manager: John Mark Robertson, K5JMR