Louisiana Section Managers Newsletter April/May 2018

Assistant Section Manager:  Michael R. (Mike) McCrary WB5LJQ.
Section Emergency Coordinator:  James M. (Jim) Coleman AI5B.
Section Traffic Manager:  Jimmy Lewis AB5YS.
Public Information Coordinator: Joseph (Joe)Holland KB5VJY.  Joe also
ADEC Region 8 ARES.
PIO Region 6: Jim Bookter N5NVP. Jim also remains as Affiliated Club
PIO Region 4:  Ed Roy WA5TNK. Ed will also remain as EC Lafayette Parish
Local Government Liaison-Region 4: Jaclyn (Jackie) Price KA5LMZ. In
addition to already being EC Region 4 St. Mary Parish.
Technical Specialist:  Cedric F. Walker K5CFW.
Technical Specialist:  Christopher Higginbotham KG5VRQ.
ARES Region 8 EC Ouachita Parish Kevin Thomas W5KGT.
SILENT KEYS for 2018:
New Louisiana Hams within last 6 months:  Congrats and Welcome!
James A Danley, KG5ZCD
Ramon J Vega, KG5ZLD
Casey N Fernandez, KG5ZCC
Ronald V Jung, KG5ZAM
John W Leblanc, KG5ZEX
Jacob T Miller, KG5ZAK
Matthew J Fore, KG5ZEW
Thomas E Bennett, KG5ZLF
Roger D Peters, KG5ZLE
Michael C Brandon, KG5ZAL
Becky B Fritchie, KG5ZLB
John H Willis, KG5ZCE
Charles E Foster, KG5ZLC
Benjamin M Simmons, KG5ZMP
Robert W Stoll, KG5ZMQ
Amber S Reese, KG5ZBZ
Per ARRL website.
LA License Upgrades within last 6 months Per ARRL: Congrats!
Michael A St Pierre, KG5TGN
David P Forrest, KG5SBA
Nathaniel T Holland, KG5VRS
Jeffrey N Marcotte, KG5RKU
Keith H Jordan, KG5ZEQ
22 NEW/RENEWAL LA ARRL Members Per ARRL: Congrats and Welcome!
William E Burke, W5XNO
James F Williams, KG5DGA
Francis Minor, KF5YNN
Dorothy Minor, KF5YNM
George R Macri, KC9BCD
James D Dillon, N0KWA
John Leblanc, KG5ZEX
Michael J LeBlanc, N5MJL
A J Powell, W5SPD
Roger D Peters, KG5ZLE
Beauman Breeden, KC5DXR
Lacy E Breeden, AB5SB
Erne M Noble, KB5FKA
John D Scalzo, KG5YZJ
Eddie J Guidry, KF5ZFR
David L Raney, K5NAX
Frank P Robison, KA5RRQ
Kevin G Thomas, W5KGT
Robert A Moore, W5OPF
George Gaiennie
Keith H Jordan, KG5ZEQ
Mark F Kelley, AG5DT
New ARRL CEO Comes Aboard Facing Challenges and Change
ARRL’s new Chief Executive Officer Barry Shelley, N1VXY, moved one
floor down at ARRL Headquarters earlier this year to assume leadership
of the organization with an overarching goal of promoting the League’s
mission, “To advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur
Radio.” Shelley has spent much of his tenure at ARRL Headquarters
toiling out of the limelight, so he’s a bit of an unknown quantity
within the greater Amateur Radio community. But, he brings to his new
position nearly 3 decades of experience as ARRL’s Chief Financial
Officer. Shelley intends to leverage that background in his role as CEO,
enabling him to hit the ground running.
“I am familiar with the issues that matter to ARRL members and the
Amateur Radio community at large,” Shelley pointed out in his
inaugural “Second Century” editorial “Advancing Amateur Radio,
Together,” in the April issue of QST.
He acknowledged that with both ARRL and Amateur Radio undergoing “a
great deal of change,” not all League members will necessarily be on
the same page, but he believes disagreement about the way forward “can
be healthy, and bring new perspectives to light.” At the same time, he
encouraged individuals to “remain respectful and constructive” in
discussing issues about which they may not agree.
“In my opinion, fulfilling ARRL’s mission means doing so for all
Amateur Radio operators, regardless of their license class, level of
technical ability, or particular interests within the wide range of
activities that Amateur Radio has to offer,” Shelley allowed.
Increasing the number of younger radio amateurs will benefit both the
avocation and ARRL, he said. And despite any generational rift —
perceived or otherwise — between older and younger hams, “There’s
more to enjoy than ever before — Amateur Radio in 2018 looks and
sounds different than it did in 1968 or even in 1988 — and licensing
numbers indicate that people are still interested in exploring Amateur
Blazing the trail for Amateur Radio’s future should involve all hams,
Shelley believes, noting that for more than a year, a team at ARRL
Headquarters has been looking into how to better define the needs of
radio amateurs “in the various generational and interest groups, and
plan for how ARRL can respond to those needs” effectively. ARRL’s
research, he said, has made clear that all radio amateurs want help,
regardless of license class, experience, and interests. “They want
help figuring out which activities to get involved in, what kind of gear
they need for those activities, and where to find like-minded fellow
hams,” Shelly wrote, urging radio amateurs to be there for each
“[We] all need to keep our vibrant and varied community moving forward
amid great change,” Shelley concluded. “Let’s keep encouraging
others to join our wonderful hobby, let’s keep talking to each other,
and let’s keep teaching each other — after all, that’s the
tried-and-true ham way. It’s how we’ve gotten this far.”
The ARRL Board elected Shelley as CEO in January, to succeed Tom
Gallagher, NY2RF, who has retired. As Shelley himself nears his own
retirement over the next 18 months, the League continues to advertise
for applicants to fill the CEO position on a long-term basis.
Hamvention Setting Space Aside to Spotlight Emergency Communication
In keeping with its theme, “Serving the Community,” Hamvention®
2018 is offering an opportunity for Amateur Radio groups to display the
communication vehicles they use to serve their communities. A special
area has been set aside at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center
for emergency communication trailers, vans, trucks, and other vehicles.
Hamvention organizers are hoping that emergency response groups such as
ARES, RACES, CERT, and others with an interest in Amateur Radio
emergency communication will take advantage.
“The displays will allow groups planning to develop their own units to
get suggestions and ideas and ask questions of those supporting the
vehicles,” Hamvention said in announcing the special display area.
Groups planning to display vehicles are encouraged to have them staffed,
functional, and able to demonstrate their capabilities during
Gary Hollenbaugh, NJ8BB, who has coordinated Hamvention emergency
communication vehicle displays for 10 years, said that many groups are
thinking about building units and could gain some beneficial ideas from
seeing what other organizations have done. He encouraged teams to make
information about their units available to share with visitors.
Hollenbaugh, who shares EmComm organization duties at Hamvention with
Mike Crawford, KC8GLE, and serves as an assistant to the ARES Section
Emergency Coordinator for Ohio, said he’s looking for innovative
solutions. Past displays have ranged from a pop-up tent at the rear of a
pickup truck to complex RV-based vehicles. Groups that want to
participate can obtain more information on the Hamvention website’s
EmComm page.
During Hamvention, emergency communicators also will have an opportunity
to attend more than 10 forums dealing with public service. Those
attending at least three ARRL-sponsored public service forums will
receive a certificate. One session will offer attendees a chance to hear
firsthand reports from radio amateurs who served in Puerto Rico after
the hurricanes this past year.
“Our theme recognizes the valuable service that Amateur Radio provides
to our communities,” Hamvention General Chair Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ,
said. “We hope the EmComm display and forums provide valuable
information we can all use to be better prepared for that service.”
Hamvention 2018 will take place May 18 – 20 at the Greene County
Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio
Two Radio Amateurs Now on International Space Station
With the addition of three new crew members, the International Space
Station (ISS) now has a full complement of six. Astronauts Ricky Arnold,
KE5DAU, and Drew Feustel, and cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev headed into space
on March 21 aboard a Soyuz MS-08 vehicle, launched from Kazakhstan.
The new ISS residents were welcomed on March 23 as part of the
Expedition 55 crew by station commander Anton Shkaplerov and crew —
Scott Tingle, KG5NZA, and Norishige Kanai. During his time in space,
Arnold, a former educator, will wrap up NASA’s Year of Education on
Station, an initiative to engage students and educators in human
spaceflight and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
Arnold and Tingle will take turns handling all scheduled Amateur Radio
on the International Space Station (ARISS) school contacts in April.
By Robert Hobbs, N5ULA
ARES Region 2 DEC
Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a FREE dedicated voip telecom service for the
Ham Radio community.  Typically, phones are established in hamshacks,
EOCs, Clubs & club members, ARES, and other Ham related areas and
functions.  It is not the intention of HH to replace traffic carried
over radio in an emergency or other tactical operation, but rather to
augment it, by offloading managerial tactical operations and providing a
full duplex path for such communications when spectrum is occupied,
conditions diminished, or otherwise unavailable.  HH also supports
FAXing of information (with appropriate equipment) which allows tactical
offices to share documents & data between tactical locations.  In a
non-tactical use, HH is an effective resource for off-air
troubleshooting when you need to coordinate a troubleshoot of a radio
circuit off-air and between multiple SMEs.  In addition to all this,
conference bridges on the HH network allow large groups of Hams to
coordinate & meet in real time anywhere in the world.
Getting on board HH is easy!  Just acquire a SIP capable phone (our
network prefers to register hardware phones first), and open a ticket
once you have your phone.  If you have one of the phones on our
supported hardware list, then also include a picture of the Phone’s
MAC address for super easy provisioning.  Before joining HH, please read
and understand our Covenant.
These phones can be bought on Ebay or Amazon ( I recommend the Cisco
SPA-303  Just remember before you buy a phone make sure it is on the
approved list and that it is unlocked. )
and we’ll see if there’s a spot for you.
7) I have a supported device, I’ve been provisioned, but I can’t seem to
get a connection. What’s
We have, from time to time, seen cases where connection can be
challenging. We’ve found that
sometimes rebooting your cable modem and then your router tends to solve
this problem. If
you have done this, and still have trouble, open a ticket with the
8) Can I have more than one number?
Absolutely! HH will give you a second number on request if you have
another phone you’d like
to hookup. Just open a ticket for it and provide the info we need in
question 4.
9) I’d like to get my club in on this! Can we have a group bridge?
Yes! Please send a copy of your club call, or EOC verifiable contact,
and we can establish a
private or public bridge for your group.
10) I have a large group and we want a block of numbers assigned for
them, is this possible?
Yes, but only when evidence of hardware purchase commitment is provided.
If your group
already has phones, we will ask you for more information about the
phones and to document
who they will be issued to – ie. Tactical position. HHOPS team will
confirm these details with
your group leader for accuracy and completeness.
11) Do I have a voicemail box on my HH line?
Yes. Every HH number has a voicemail box.
12) Do you support FAX?
Yes, HH supports faxing and FEC FAX (T.38) using an approved ATA.
13) Can you call regular phones with an HH line?
Yes, if you have a PSTN agreement with HH. PSTN hosting on HH has a
monthly maintenance
charge of $5 flat. You can purchase your own SIP termination from a 3rd
party and have it
hosted on your HH line. This allows you to receive and make calls with a
public phone number
mapped to your HH line. You can even do simultaneous voice and fax on
the SAME number!
14) What is the service area of HH? If I set my phone up at one
location, and then use it at
another, will it work?
The HH service area is largely defined by the quality of your internet
connectivity. If your
maximum latency is below 500ms, you should enjoy trouble free
performance on HH. You can
setup your phone at one location and it does not matter where you use
your phone as long as the
phone is able to contact our servers. You can dial *43 on your HH phone
to access the echo test
line. You can also dial 611 for the HHOPS team.
If you need more information, please be sure to read the following
documents in our FILES area
or on our website at www.hamshackhotline.com.
• HH Supported Endpoints
• HH Covenant1) Can I use any SIP phone on the HH network?
You may use any SIP endpoint that is on our “Supported Endpoints”
list. See this list for further
clarification and reasoning.
2) Can I use a softphone on HH?
See our “Covenant” for clarification on softphones in the section
entitled “Allowed
3) Can I connect my own PBX to HH?
Yes! We support SIP and IAX trunking if your PBX also supports it. Just
open a new trunk
request via the helpdesk, and our team will be happy to get you setup
and explain the details.
4) I already have a device on your supported list, what do I need to do
to get started?
Easy Peasey – just open a ticket with our helpdesk and include your
MAC Address, Callsign, &
phone model. Our team will take care of it and let you know when you’re
all set.
5) I don’t have a SIP phone, do you sell phones?
HH does not sell phones. Please acquire them from a source of your
choosing. ie. Ebay,
amazon, etc Read our warning in the Supported Endpoints list!
6) I’m interested in joining the team, who do I talk to?
We’re always looking for qualified help! We’re glad you like what we’re
doing and want to be a
part of it. Contact any member of the HHOPS team and tell us about you!
Let us know your
areas of expertise
Greetings All,
We are quickly approaching the dates for Field Day 2018 and before we
get too close. Please keep in mind that this exercise in communications,
our abilities in engineering, and our leadership.  One thing that we oft
forget is the public.  This whole exercise is basically us passing
traffic for people.  Now take a step back, and even though we have made
our checklists, picked up our fuel, water, portable towers, etc…. we
tend to forget that the overall importance in this exercise is the
people in which we volunteer our time.
About a month out from your field day, whoever your organization has in
place to address the public, PIO generally speaking, needs to send out a
simple press release to your news media agencies.  Radio, Television,
and Print.  make sure you add a catchy first sentence, such as, “On June
23rd amateur radio operators around the world are mobilizing this month
to hone their emergency communications skills”…    This will catch
the eye of the assignment editor, and trust me, they are always looking
for cool “Fluff” stories… too often it’s about slappy the one eyed cat
who saved it’s human. or something like that.. This gives plenty of time
for the news wheels to turn.. (trust me on fluff pieces, it can take
awhile)…..about 2 weeks off from the event, send it again.. this time
follow up with a call if you haven’t gotten a nibble.
NEXT EASY EASY EASY way to get people to know what your doing…
Television and radio Morning shows are ALWAYS looking for something to
talk about..  Contact them at least a month out. because they love
morning guests like us.  A lot of times their show gets hard to fill,
and the cooking segment gets boring.., They will LOVE for you or someone
very talkative in your group, to come on and spend 3-5 minutes talking
about what is going on.  BRING STUFF like a FT-817ND, a Magnetic
resonant loop antenna, your com van/trailer/tent/ tarp huge big show and
tell.  GIVE THEM AN ON AIR CONTACT NUMBER.. for potential new hams.
People will see this, you will get some calls……
LASTLY if you are going to have a practice session… INVITE the media..
(to the actual event as well) they will love to come out..
I will be preparing several press releases for you and your groups to
use.. PLEASE, if you are sending your own, send me a copy.  If you need
help writing or customizing a release, please let me know and I will be
more than happy to help!
73 de Joe KB5VJY
Joseph Holland
Public Information Coordinator
LA-ARES District 8
Ruston, LA – Hams from all over the state descended in Ruston, Louisiana
on the 28th of April, for the Piney Hills Amateur Radio Association
(Phara) Hot Dog Social.  Club President Jerry Darnell AD5AQ said, ” the
Weather was perfect, for the event.” as he was dropping another bag of
crawfish in the pot.  They had several events including a fox hunt, home
made drones show and tell, a special event station, as well as great hot
dogs and hamburgers.  A drawing was held and the grand prize was a
Kenwood TM-V71A that was won by Darrell AF5NQ.  If you haven’t ever made
a hot dog social, you need to mark it on your calendar to attend!
West Monroe, LA –  The Louisiana Delta Radio Club (LDRC) is on the
move. In West Monroe, a new DMR Repeater is up and operation!  It is a
MMDVM (Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem) which allows several different
modes to operate.  Currently, only DMR and D-STAR is activated but it is
a welcome addition to the area.  If you happen to be in the Northeast
Louisiana area, you can find it on 443.800 + offset.  Callsign for
D-STAR is KC5DR B,  DMR is using Color code 3.  For more information,
please contact KB5VJY@arrl.net  or you can find them at
facebook.com/groups/kc5dr  73!
Monroe, LA –  April 21st was the date of the Northeast Louisiana
Hamfest Sponsored by the Northeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club.  The
doors were opened and hams from all over the region made their way to
the event.  ARRL Vice Division Director Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ was well
received in the ARRL forum and brought a wealth of issues the league is
working on,  along with other presentations made by the Louisiana
Section Manager Mark Roberts K5JMR, and Jim Coleman AI5B, Louisiana
Section Emergency Coordinator. Tables were full in the swap and tailgate
area, and several vendors made the trip.  NELARC had a drawing and the
grand prize winner was Eddie Petits N5JGK  and he won the Yaesu
FT-DX1200.  Food and fun was had by all, and can’t wait to see what the
guys up in Northeast Louisiana plan for next year.  73!
NELA CLUB MEETINGS —  Piney Hills Amateur Radio Association  -June
7th at the Louisiana Center for the Blind- Great Room 6:30 pm  phara.us
      Northeast Louisiana Radio Club – June 5th at the West Monroe
Library 6:30pm nelarc.org    Louisiana Delta Radio Club – June 2nd at
Piccadilly Restaurant in Monroe, La 11:30
73 de Joe KB5VJY
Joseph Holland
Public Information Coordinator
LA-ARES District 8
On Saturday April 14, 2018 a line of severe thunderstorm activity moved
into the Acadiana area producing heavy rain, lightning, and high winds
with some tornado activity. A SkyWarn Net was activated at 0645 on the
145.370 SkyWarn repeater system and a text message alert was sent out to
all ARES members at 0655 Central time.
Glen Thibodeaux KF5FNP volunteered to be Net Control Station for this
event. Ed Roy WA5TNK gave real time radar reports all during this
activation. Glen KF5FNP, Ed WA5TNK and David KGJHR were in chat
mode with the National Weather Station in Lake Charles.
Many of the local hams participated in calling in WX observations from
all over Lafayette Parish including Acadia, Iberia, St. Martin and
Vermillion Parishes. These observations included rain conditions, wind
speed / direction and lightning. Radar showed some possibilities of
tornado activity in the Youngsville and Broussard areas. These
observations were reported to the NWS in Lake Charles.
A tornado was reported 3 miles NNW of the Carencro, Louisiana area at
0637AM with a EF-2 rating producing peak winds of 115 MPH with a
path of 4.5 miles and a width of 650 yards and ended at 0640 AM. The
tornado damaged several homes and businesses, a large advertising
billboard and toppled several trees. No fatalities or injuries were
Those amateur radio operators that took part in this event were: Glen
Keith W5KB, Bob KG5AYK, Gene KG5PHJ, John KG5NZF, Caine
KG5PUL, Steve KF5VH, Herman KN5GRK, John KG5FMP, Derek
WM5TS, Greg K5LFT, Bob KE5WLZ, Larry KE5KJD and Ric KF5KEL.
The SkyWarn Net ended at 0807 hrs with a total of 18 check-ins with a
total of 36 man hours made this a very significant event for out area
every one is to be commended for a job well done.
Submitted by:
Herman Campbell KN5GRK
We made it through April without too much rain, so things are looking
up, somewhat!! However, we did get enough rain to put a hiatus on our
Special Event Station operations at the Strawberry Festival. May brings
us a little dryer weather and also the Louisiana Special Olympics at SLU
this month. Please get with Bob Priez, WB5FBS, and sign-up for your
favorite operating location for this event. Nothing fancy required –
just a good HT and batteries!
June Field Day 2018 is around the corner, so get with Lyle Wales,
KD5JRY, and lock in your operating times if you plan to operate. This
year’s FD will be held at the Ponchatoula Community Center club station.
More discussion on this at the club meeting! Hope 2 CU there!!
From: The SELARC “Hamster” May 2018
Acadiana Amateur Radio Association sponsored the Delta Division D-STAR
May 5, 2018 Lafayette Science Museum.
Speakers and Agenda:
Ray Novak, N9JA – Icom America Inc.
Will Jourdain, AA4WJ – Icom America Inc.
John Davis, WB4QDX – GEMA and D-STARinfo.com
Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH – GA Digital and D-STARinfo.com
Jim McClellan, N5MIJ – US root and Texas Inter Tie, K5TIT
David Norris, K5UZ – ARRL, Delta Division Director
John Mark Robertson, K5JMR – ARRL, Louisiana Section Manager
Michael McCrary, WB5LJQ – ARRL, Louisiana Assistant Section Manager
Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC (Via Skype) – Internet Labs, DV Dongle/DVAP
Topics (Subject to change)    Speakers
Delta Division Welcome
Louisiana Section Welcome     David Norris, K5UZ
John Mark Robertson, K5JMR
Intro    Ray Novak, N9JA
Lifecycle of D-STAR – G1/G2/G3    Ray Novak, N9JA
Jim McClellan, N5MIJ
John Davis, WB4QDX
Keith Barnes, W5KB
Quick Key Net – How to Log    John Davis, WB4QDX
Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH
D-RATS – Email in an Emergency    John Davis, WB4QDX
GEMA – How We Roll    John Davis, WB4QDX
D-STARinfo.com – Repeater Directories    Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH
Other Things D-STAR    John Davis, WB4QDX
Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH
Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC
D-STAR in the Area    Keith Barnes, W5KB
Open Microphone
This event was lie streamed by Amateurlogic.tv and is available on
This event was well attended by Hams from several states. Prizes given
away were an Icom ID-5100, Icom ID-4100 and Icom ID-51+2 D-Star radios.
Please see the following links for more information:
**See Field Day Information above**
The Louisiana ARES Emergency Communications Plan will be reissued June
15th.  Please be looking for that.
More information on the ARRL ARES plans to be released following Dayton
TOTAL:  Events:  34  Person hours:  734
Jim Coleman, AI5B
LA Section Emergency Coordinator
Slidell Hamfest on July 21 at John Slidell Park, 105 Robert Road.
Shreveport-Bossier City Hamfest on 10-11 August with prizes, flea market
and FCC exams! Details at  http://www.shreveporthamfest.com
Greater New Orleans Ham Fest on November 10th, Harahan LA, with prizes
and flea market! Details at
**If anyone has something they would like to see in the Section Manager
Newsletters; Please contact me at K5JMR@ARRL.org or LA Section PIC Joe
Holland at KB5VJY@ARRL.NET
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all our Men and Women who
serve and have served in our US Military. Your dedication to protect us
all is immensely appreciated. I would like to mention two of our
Louisiana Hams who are currently deployed in Afghanistan.
Both are with the LA National Guard Deployed from Bossier City with the
165th CSSB:
We pray for a safe return home to these two brothers and prayers for all
their family back home!
If anyone would like to see someone mentioned in our Military Spotlight
in future newsletters please let me know.
John Mark Robertson
ARRL* Section Manager
ARRL Louisiana Section
Section Manager: John Mark Robertson, K5JMR